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02 Aug, 2007 | 0:25:57 |
EN | Jennifer Moore |

From July 22-28th, the Nasa indigenous people of Northern Cauca,Colombia, led a national mobilization to propose a transformation in the country's politics. Their proposals included national economic development instead of the US-Free Trade Agreement, a negotiated, political solution to the armed conflict instead of President Uribe's war policy, and a humanitarian agreement instead of impunity for the paramilitaries. These interviews...
16 Jan, 2007 | 0:24:20 |
ES | Jennifer Moore | Ecuadorian Perspectives/Perspectivas Ecuatorianas

La Trasmision del Mando: Calixto y Paulo
10 Jan, 2007 | 0:08:18 |
EN | Jennifer Moore | Ecuadorian Perspectives/Perspectivas Ecuatorianas

Correa & the Constituent Assembly
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