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03 Jul, 2007 | 0:22:28 |
EN | chris | Guelph June 29th Day of Action Events

interview with Sue Alexander about June 29th actions
14 Feb, 2007 | 0:26:03 |
EN | chris |

This interview explores Barrio adentro, the innovative primary health care system which has brought universal free public access to the traditionally excluded majority population of Venezuela. Themes explored include the participatory nature of the program, the differences between endogenous development and the work of international NGO's and Cuban medical ideology. Enjoy!
04 Feb, 2007 | 0:25:15 |
EN | chris |

Jon Elmer highlights Canada's leading role in the economic embargo against the Palestinian people and provides an analysis of the similarity between the Palestinian Authority and the Band Council system that Israel and Canada have used to subvert democracy and manipulate and control their indigenous populations. Jon reports on the dire situation in Gaza under the trio of devastation that...
02 Feb, 2007 | 0:21:30 |
EN | chris |

Aislinn Thomas, reflects upon the causes and effects of eating disorders and the meager publicly funded medical treatment available for recovery.
26 Jan, 2007 | 0:20:14 |
EN | chris |

Kabir Joshi-Vijayan
26 Jan, 2007 | 0:36:28 |
EN | chris |

Charlie Clements Witness To War
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