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Don't pursue the degree if you can't afford the extremely high fee
09 Apr, 2010 | 0:21:24 |
EN | David Koch |

Student organizers from the group Free Education Montreal held a debate on March 30th, bringing together students and researchers, along with the president of Concordia University. They grappled with big questions: what is the role of the university in society? Who should pay for the cost of education? And how will tuition increases impact accessibility? The debate took place just...
GRIP-UQAM activists work to transform food politics & challenge economic structure
07 Apr, 2010 | 0:10:17 |
EN | David Koch |

To learn about some of the work being done by student activists at the Université du Québec à Montréal, I visited a small but feisty focal point of student militancy known as GRIP-UQAM. In these days of impending climate chaos and and shrinking biodiversity, many of the student groups sponsored by the GRIP are working on projects aimed at reversing...
Riot police confront youth in Montreal's World Trade Centre
05 Apr, 2010 | 0:10:17 |
EN | David Koch |

Filmmakers tell the story of three Canadian men tortured in Syria and Egypt
16 Mar, 2010 | 0:23:24 |
EN | David Koch |

In October 2008, a federal inquiry reported that Canadian officials had contributed 'indirectly' to the detention and torture of three Arab-Canadian men. Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muyyed Nureddin were imprisoned and tortured in Syria (and in one case, Egypt) before they were released without charge. Former Supreme Court justice Frank Iaccobucci found that the RCMP in one instance...
CKUT asks: How involved do you want the military to be in campus research projects?
10 Mar, 2010 | 0:46:02 |
EN | David Koch |

The McGill Senate is currently considering reforms that would eliminate a clause requiring researchers to disclose whether military-funded research would have "direct harmful consequences." Officials from the McGill administration argue that this move would bring McGill in line with other research-intensive universities in the US and Canada. But activists from the Demilitarize McGill campaign are calling this move regressive. They...
A talk by the author of "Knowledge Reigns Supreme: The Critical Pedagogy of Hip Hop Artist KRS-One"
04 Mar, 2010 | 0:22:43 |
EN | David Koch |

On Thursday, March 4 Priya Parmar spoke at McGill University at a conference entitled "Hip hop, the spoken word, and youth." Parmar is an educator and the author of "Knowledge Reigns Supreme: The Critical Pedagogy of Hip Hop Artist KRS-One." Her presentation touched on the power of hip hop to build young people's self esteem, in contrast to the moral...
Artists working to create ties between Montreal artists and social justice projects in Haiti
02 Mar, 2010 | 0:14:02 |
EN | David Koch |

Over 200 people came out on Monday, February 1st to the Sala Rosa in Montreal for the first in a new series of concerts. Artists for Haiti, Part 1 featured musicians from the Haitian diaspora, along with others who are working in solidarity with the Haitian people. The concert raised funds for Haitians, while urging people to continue working alongside...
Alternatives to police and prisons
02 Mar, 2010 | 2:35:47 |
EN | David Koch |

Local social justice activists recently held Montreal's first-ever Forum Against Police Violence and Impunity. The diverse array of speakers at the Forum included New York City's Isabel Gonzales and Loira Limal. These women were both involved with the Sista 2 Sista project, a collective of Black and Latina working-class women in Brooklyn that worked to build political and cultural alternatives...
Report from the Montreal Forum Against Police Brutality & Impunity
13 Feb, 2010 | 0:06:20 |
EN | David Koch |

The words of Yves Francoeur, the president of Montreal's Fraternity of Police, resonate in the streets of Montreal. 'Notre boulot... c'est la répression.' That means that the job of the police is repression. Coming from one of Montreal's top brass, that's no joke. And residents of Montreal who are opposed to unchecked police violence are trying to make sure no...
09 Apr, 2009 | 0:07:44 |
EN | David Koch |

From the McGill Daily, April 6, 2009: "Two dozen “dead� students slowed traffic at campus’s Y-intersection on Wednesday to demand speedier delivery of medication to developing countries. The die-in was spearheaded by the McGill Global AIDS Coalition (MGAC) and protested the inefficiency of Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR). The regime was passed in 2004 as an amendment to the...
09 Apr, 2009 | 1:30:14 |
EN | David Koch |

Speaking at McGill last week, Adil Charkoui and supporters spoke about security certificate legislation, which allows Canada to detain non-citizens based on secret evidence and an assumption of guilt, under the threat of deportation.
08 Apr, 2009 | 0:01:26 |
EN | David Koch |

Please note that this is from the Dec. 2008 edition of Groundwire, uploaded here for archival purposes.
08 Apr, 2009 | 0:01:49 |
EN | David Koch |

Please note that this appeared on the 2008 edition of Groundwire - I am posting it here for archival purposes.
26 Mar, 2009 | 0:26:43 |
EN | David Koch |

Naito Chizuco and Ko Youngran examine the power that media representations can exert on reality – how the representations of groups and events can legitimize forgetting the past and ignoring aspects of the present. The two young professors flew in from Tokyo last week to present papers at McGill – entirely in Japanese, with English translations projected behind them. And...
24 Mar, 2009 | 0:07:34 |
EN | David Koch |

As modern understandings of infectious disease has changed, so have medical buildings for the afflicted. This piece by Nikki Bozinoff explores how 20th century tuberculosis sanatorium designs have reflected dominant treatment paradigms.
16 Mar, 2009 | 0:28:57 |
EN | David Koch |

The Chinatown Project A walking tour of the Montreal Chinatown, with a social justice perspective. Research has been undertaken by youth in the Chinese community since 2003. Themes include community building in response to racist immigration and labour laws, and the history and contemporary impact of gentrification.
15 Mar, 2009 | 1:44:55 |
EN | David Koch |

A series of events highlighting the need for ecological sustainability took place at McGill University this week as part of Green Week. One of the featured speakers was Professor Louis Romeo Chauvin, who spoke about the problem of rampant consumerism, which he described as an "addiction": "When we've got 7 billion people on the planet... if people start to indulge...
30 Dec, 2008 | 0:00:47 |
ZH-CN | David Koch |

30 Dec, 2008 | 0:05:01 |
EN | David Koch |

On December 11, four thousand residents of a northern Tanzanian village stormed Barrick Gold Corporation's North Mara gold mine. Activists claim that Barrick security guards sparked the occupation when they allegedly shot a local man. Riot police with guns and tear gas dispersed the villagers, who destroyed a reported $7,000,000 of equipment and stole gold ore. Police killed one person,...
09 Nov, 2008 | 0:10:13 |
EN | David Koch |

Just days after the an historic election in the US, Amy Goodman was in Montreal for the international symposium of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). Just before going onstage to address an audience of hundreds at McGill, Goodman sat down with CKUT to discuss community radio, US president-elect Barack Obama, and the world today. NOTE FOR PROGRAMMERS:...
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