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Filmmaker Karen Cho discusses new documentary "Status Quo?"
27 Feb, 2013 | 0:19:54 |
EN | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

INTRO: Karen Cho is dedicated to using film as a tool for social change. Her films explore untold histories and themes of immigration, activism and social justice. Cho’s award-winning National Film Board documentary In the Shadow of Gold Mountain (2004) explored the legacy of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act. Her feature-length documentary, the Gemini-nominated Seeking Refuge (2009), tells...
L'artiste discute de son oeuvre sur les prisonniers politiques en Iran
11 Feb, 2013 | 0:15:32 |
FR | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

Il va falloir énoncer une introduction. Voici un exemple de texte que vous pouvez lire. Introduction : Sayeh Sarfaraz est une artiste en arts visuels qui vit et travaille à Montréal depuis 2008. Sayeh Sarfaraz presente une nouvelle installation intitulée Étrange dictature. Étrange dictature est en exposition au MAI -- Montréal, arts interculturels -- depuis le 19 janvier. Étrange dictature...
interview contextualizing NSCAD and the "creative economy" within neoliberalism
31 Jan, 2012 | 0:20:42 |
EN | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

Max Haiven is adjunct professor at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He speaks with CHSR FM's Culture Strike about the financial crisis at NSCAD, cuts to the arts within the context of the broader neoliberal financial crisis, the rhetoric of the creative economy, and the value of an arts education.
Interview with artist Carol Collicutt about her bicycle paintings
24 Jan, 2012 | 0:17:29 |
EN | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

Carol Collicutt has been an active member of the Fredericton arts community for decades. She is a painter, a drawer, a conceptual artist, and an avid cyclist. In this interview, Collicutt discusses her Gallery 78 exhibition "Wheels" that features paintings of abandoned bicycles. Collicutt locates the exhibition within the themes of her broader visual art practice -- such as the...
Harvey Amani Whitfield discusses his latest book "Blacks on the Border"
10 Jun, 2011 | 0:18:23 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Harvey Amani Whitfield is a Professor of History at the University of Vermont. He speaks with From the Margins guest host Fraser MacPherson about his latest book "Blacks on the Border: The Black Refugees in British North America, 1815-1860" (University Press of New England, 2006).
Interview with Six Metres of Pavement author Farzana Doctor
16 Mar, 2011 | 0:18:39 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Farzana Doctor is the Toronto-based author of Stealing Nasreen and the newly published Six Metres of Pavement. Six Metres of Pavement is a novel about loss, messy survival, and redemption, set in the Toronto west end neighbourhood of Brockton, published by Dundurn Press. CHRY’s Candace Mooers sits down with Farzana Doctor in their local neighbourhood café and gallery to discuss...
Interview with Cate Sandilands and Bruce Erickson
19 Jan, 2011 | 0:14:22 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Cate Sandilands and Bruce Erickson recently launched their new co-edited anthology "Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire" at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto. CHRY's Candace Mooers caught up with them to talk about the linkages between queer and ecological movements.
Audio from a press conference at Queen's Park
13 May, 2010 | 0:23:25 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

On Thursday, 22 May 2010, approximately 400 people from First Nations on Turtle Islands gathered at Queen's Park to protest the Canadian government's imposition of the new HST. Here is audio recorded at the press conference that took place inside Queen's Park the morning of the protest. (Only one other media outlet -- APTN? -- was there to cover the...
audio doc of the St. Jamestown rally and march in Toronto
06 May, 2010 | 0:20:18 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Sounds from the No One Is Illegal May Day of Action rally and march in Toronto, including important info. on federal government changes to the immigration and refugee system.
Author Jasmin Hristov on the proposed Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
09 Mar, 2010 | 0:18:48 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Jasmin Hristov is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at York University in Toronto, and author of the new book "Blood and Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia" (Ohio UP/Between the Lines, 2009). She discusses the major theme of the book (the use of violence in the processes of capital accumulation in Colombia) as well as the implications (both political and economic)...
Rethinking 'academic freedom' on the eve of Israeli Apartheid Week
24 Feb, 2010 | 0:15:24 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Academic-activist Cynthia Wright discusses: the context of renewed interest in the concept of academic freedom, its historical roots, how academic freedom is tied to the regulation of Israeli Apartheid speech on Canadian campuses, and how academic freedom must be reconceptualized and reconnected to broader social movements such as education not deportation campaigns, off-campus debate of colonialism and occupations, etc. *When...
Michelle Coyne discusses reclaiming food from waste
07 Feb, 2010 | 0:15:48 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

What is freeganism? Michelle Coyne discusses dumpster dining as a means of opting out of capitalism and as a means of responding to a flawed food system.
Interview with filmmaker Malcolm Rogge on Under Rich Earth documentary
05 Feb, 2010 | 0:23:04 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

In a remote mountain valley in Ecuador, coffee and sugarcane farmers face the dismal prospect of being forced off their land by a Canadian mining company. Copper Mesa Mining Corporation (recently taken over by Vancouver-based Pinetree) promises the farmers that development is the path to prosperity in the Intag region. Malcolm Rogge, a Toronto-based filmmaker, travelled to Ecuador to document...
Interview with Sara Falconer, Anarchist Black Cross Federation
16 Dec, 2009 | 0:20:32 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Sara Falconer discusses the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners 2010 Calendar, the theme indigenous resistance, Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and why political prisoner solidarity is vital for social justice movements. Intro (voiced): Sara Falconer is an organizer with the Anarchist Black Cross Federation. She also recently co-produced the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners 2010 Calendar. CHRY's News Now...
Feat. Shelley Melanson, Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario
21 Aug, 2009 | 0:02:21 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Intro script: In 2008, on the November 5 Student Day of Action to Drop Fees, over 10,000 students took to the streets in fourteen cities across Ontario to demand a more affordable and accessible system of post-secondary education. The Drop Fees campaign was initiated by the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, the student organization representing over 300,000 college and university students...
Interview with filmmaker Jessica Yee about murdered and missing indigenous women
13 Aug, 2009 | 0:36:50 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

INTRO SCRIPT: Indigenous women in Canada are five times more likely than other women to die as a result of violence. The official number of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls in Canada since 1980 is 520. Of 520 women and girls, approximately two thirds were murdered, and about one-quarter are still missing. Indigenous grassroots activists and communities put...
Women in Radio Conference Workshop on Patriarchy and C/C Radio
17 Jun, 2009 | 1:05:20 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Workshop included an individual exercise on defining patriarchy, group discussion on patriarchy within c/c radio, lessons learned, and tools for change. Brief discussion of sexism, misogyny, and homophobia in music continued in a separate panel...
Workshop Discussion on Advertising and Fundraising for C/C Stations
17 Jun, 2009 | 1:15:40 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

General discussion at the National Campus and Community Radio Conference, hosted by CKUT FM in Montreal, regarding different advertising and fundraising ideas for c/c stations, including governmental grants to subsidize staff salaries, ad sales packages, community-based events, charitable partnerships, etc.
Women in Radio Conference Workshop on Trans Inclusion at C/C Stations
17 Jun, 2009 | 1:16:17 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Opening remarks by Swan Kennedy (CKUT FM, Montreal) and Denise Holliday (CKDU FM, Halifax) followed by general questions, answers, and discussion. Presenters spoke of their personal experiences in c/c radio, the complexities around trans gender identities, and trans inclusion in news and music programming.
Interview with Relapse metal band
16 May, 2009 | 0:09:29 |
EN | Candace Mooers |

Interview with Joel Grind, guitarist and vocalist for Toxic Holocaust. Discusses the DIY punk ethic behind the band, and what it's like touring with Napalm Death. Toxic Holocaust features two ex-members from Rammer (formerly based out of Toronto). Toxic Holocaust are now based out of Portland, Oregon.
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