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Filmmaker Karen Cho discusses new documentary "Status Quo?"
27 Feb, 2013 | 0:19:54 |
EN | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

INTRO: Karen Cho is dedicated to using film as a tool for social change. Her films explore untold histories and themes of immigration, activism and social justice. Cho’s award-winning National Film Board documentary In the Shadow of Gold Mountain (2004) explored the legacy of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act. Her feature-length documentary, the Gemini-nominated Seeking Refuge (2009), tells...
L'artiste discute de son oeuvre sur les prisonniers politiques en Iran
11 Feb, 2013 | 0:15:32 |
FR | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

Il va falloir énoncer une introduction. Voici un exemple de texte que vous pouvez lire. Introduction : Sayeh Sarfaraz est une artiste en arts visuels qui vit et travaille à Montréal depuis 2008. Sayeh Sarfaraz presente une nouvelle installation intitulée Étrange dictature. Étrange dictature est en exposition au MAI -- Montréal, arts interculturels -- depuis le 19 janvier. Étrange dictature...
interview contextualizing NSCAD and the "creative economy" within neoliberalism
31 Jan, 2012 | 0:20:42 |
EN | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

Max Haiven is adjunct professor at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He speaks with CHSR FM's Culture Strike about the financial crisis at NSCAD, cuts to the arts within the context of the broader neoliberal financial crisis, the rhetoric of the creative economy, and the value of an arts education.
Interview with artist Carol Collicutt about her bicycle paintings
24 Jan, 2012 | 0:17:29 |
EN | Candace Mooers | Culture Strike

Carol Collicutt has been an active member of the Fredericton arts community for decades. She is a painter, a drawer, a conceptual artist, and an avid cyclist. In this interview, Collicutt discusses her Gallery 78 exhibition "Wheels" that features paintings of abandoned bicycles. Collicutt locates the exhibition within the themes of her broader visual art practice -- such as the...
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