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No One Is Illegal Radio (CKUT Montreal)

Title: No One Is Illegal Radio (CKUT Montreal)

Description: NO ONE IS ILLEGAL RADIO is a monthly news and current affairs show on CKUT 90.3 FM, community radio in Montreal, produced and hosted by members of the No One Is Illegal-Montreal collective on the first Thursday of every month, on Off-the-Hour from 5-6pm.

NO ONE IS ILLEGAL RADIO brings you voices from the frontlines of the movements for the self-determination of migrant and indigenous peoples, against borders & capitalism, racial profiling & police brutality, and detentions & deportation.

In the past year, we're heard from indigenous sovereignty movements from Six Nations to Tyendinaga, Grassy Narrows to Kahnawake. We've listened to US activists fighting for migrant justice, from New York to New Bedford to Oakland. We've heard from activists in Lebanon, Palestine and England.

We've spoken with individuals who have experienced and survived removals and detention, and continue to fight against detention centers, prisons and borders. Locally, we've been inspired by activists fighting deportation, racial profiling and security certificates

CKUT Community Radio is unabashedly embedded within Montreal's migrant justice and indigenous solidarity movements.

Created: 6 Jul, 2007
Last Modified: 6 Jul, 2007

Planned # of Episodes: N/A
Current # of Episodes: 2
Most Recent Episode: 12 Nov, 2007


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