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Mary |
MM airs every fourth Friday of the month at 6-7pm on Guelph's community radio station, CFRU 93.3fm. On MM, we bring into focus the individual faces and unique stories of those who have gone through the forced migration process. We contribute to bringing forth the voices and stories of migrant workers, "no status" people, and racialized working-class immigrants, individuals who...
The Community Living Show |
Dealing with issues with special needs people throughout BC.
The Community Living Show |
Dealing with issues with special needs people throughout BC.
Paula Slater |
Straight From the Horse's Mouth Radio Show - an interview podcast that features the most creative and interesting people in the horse world. I have conversations with equine artists, authors, inventors, entrepreneurs, therapists, veterinarians, anyone with an innovative approach to horses.
The Community Living Show |
Dealing with issues with special needs people throughout BC.
The Community Living Show |
Dealing with issues with special needs people throughout BC.
Cultural Survival's Indigenous Rights Radio program produces radio content about today's issues facing Indigenous Peoples, and what leaders are doing about it at the local, national, and international levels.
Ray McElmon |
R4 is a rock program that has big things! We work with Venues from Sarnia to the GTA for interviews and contests! We are also willing to help any station who asks us to bring them giveaways for their own areas. We reside in Kitchener-Waterloo and want to make Community Radio Matter!
Access Commitee |
This was a special event on May 21st. The Access Day Special Event dealt with issues of Accessibilities.
Roger Jean |
Blues and Roots Music with a focus on Canadian Artists.
Alnoor Gova |
Dennis Edney has consistently represented Omar Khadr's through his ordeal. Omar Khadr a Canadian citizen was captured and brought to Guantanamo Bay naval base in 2002 as a juvenile where he remained over a decade with the Canadian government vigorously fighting his repatriation and human rights. Eventually transferred to a maximum security prison in Canada on September 29, 2012 he...
African Perspectives CHRY |
A weekly news and in depth views from the African continent. Each week we explore a different topic relating to the politics and culture of the continent. To reach us, email: and check out our blog at: and tune in live at or rogers cable 945 in Toronto, or on the fm dial in Toronto at 105.5fm,...
Jud Crandall |
Weekly jazz, punk, krautrock, psychedelia, noise, hardcore, folk, avant-garde and the weird bleak rock & roll underbelly. Thursdays at 9pm and again Wednesdays at 10pm on Local 107.3fm with your sound operator Sir Lord Bobby Babylon.
CFRC Radio |
A complete archive of the 2015 Homelessness Marathon, a 15-hour broadcast hosted by CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston, Ontario. This year's Marathon featured contributions from fourteen stations plus a special edition of GroundWire, bringing the total number of contributing stations to 21. Tune in for segments on youth and hidden homelessness, residential schools, violence against Indigenous women, and Indigenous homelessness, addiction...
Groundwire Production |
GroundWire participated in the 2015 Homelessness Marathon hosted by CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston all night from February 25th to 26th. Also see other contributions to the Marathon:
CKGI programming |
CKGI takes you to the Sunset Pub in the Surf Lodge on Gabriola Island, for these in-concert performances by musicians living on one of the most tuneful places on earth. Host Steve Elder also sits down with each of the featured guests to talk about their music, and the life behind that music.
Boomer Radio |
A comprehensive look at a classic album where we listen and analize it. Folled by an after show where we will listen to covers of music from the album, tracks from the same artists prevous or future albums, music that inspired the album or anything that the album has left a legacy on. Produced for 93.1 CFISfm in Prince George...
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