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Kim Hornak |
Common Air is a radio magazine program produced at Local 107.3 fm, Saint John's community based radio station. Common Air is an intriguing guide to what's happening in arts and culture. Every week Common Air will bring locally produced stories to entertain, engage, and hopefully educate its listeners.
Doug B. |
This program is in Spanish - an excerpt of a 3 hour program produced at CFRU. The last hour of each episode of Alternativa Latinoamerica focuses on women's issues.
Samantha Power |
Ideas abound! CJSR's 'Think!' presents lectures, panel discussions, and interviews with noteworthy individuals about some of the most crucial issues facing the world today.
Matty V's Nerdcore Cabaret |
Join perennial manchild Matty V for your weekly dose of nerdcore hip-hop, 8-bit chiptunes and filk. With a healthy dose of video game, anime, sci fi and fantasy soundtracks to help kick start your next epic raid/dungeon crawl/caffeine addled frag fest or other nerdy diversion.
Boomer Radio |
Certified Financial Planner, Sarah Holland talks about people and money. Real financial situations, real choices and real consequences. Topics ranging from fraud and scams to short and long term planning.
Pawlina |
One hour weekly English-language presentation of Ukrainian cultural heritage in a Canadian context. Recipes, reviews, interviews, cultural trivia, weekly proverb, and other items of interest. Plus contemporary and traditional Ukrainian music from Canada (about 50% CanCon), Ukraine and elsewhere in the world. Produced and presented in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island.
Jud Crandall |
Music Like Dirt's psychedelic reggaematic ska soundsystem risin' up from from six feet underground, heavier than lead, dreader than dread, ruffer than ruff, is back to boom shaka laka your morning soul, lickin' it back Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-9am only on Local 107.3fm. Join your sound operator Sir Lord Bobby Babylon starting effective immediately, and wake up and bake up...
Frieda Werden |
There are so many women doing kick-ass analysis of women's issues in Canada these days, that I'm going to start posting them in this series. These aren't only about women, either - women's issues are people's issues, and vice versa.
CKUT News Department |
Community News from Across Canada
Ken Zakreski, developer |
Let's explore the town and the world with a mix of album oriented music and spoken word.
Westbank Country Opry |
The Westbank Country Opry is the longest-running music show in BC's Okanagan Valley and presents live monthly concerts from September - May. The half-hour show features regular Opry performers and special guests.
Ken Zakreski, developer |
Live Album January 1, 2006 Fundraiser for CKGI
Kari Benninghaus |
A ongoing series produced by stations all across Canada on the legacy of Indian Residential Schools
Ryan Delehanty |
A quick burst of songs and stories from Canada's most interesting artists.
CKGI programming |
Linking poetry with social action and, yes, hope. With host Kathleen Miniely.
David Winn |
Told in his own Words & Music, & in the Words & Music of Others. A Radio Series in Twenty-one Half-hour Parts, consisting of a Prologue & Forty-one Scenes; based on the David Cairns translation of 'Memoirs of Hector Berlioz'; with excerpts from the Jacques Barzun translation of 'Evenings with the Orchestra'; also from 'Fantasy Pieces' by Harald Krebs; &...
Joel North |
A 2-hour weekly show geared towards the young adult college/university student age group. Features mainstream dance-music and content on dating, college, parties and pop culture. PG-13 rating. Episodes are delivered by Thursday of each week in 6 x 17 minute segments along with a text playlist. Shows are CanCon compliant for Canadian station, but do contain songs from the Hit...
CFRC Music Department |
This four part documentary series was produced by Adam Weaver and explores the Kingston independent music scene of the past two decades, ranging from the early 90s to 2012. Adam unearths classic Kingston recordings and talks with the movers and shakers of the active and changing musical landscape.
Laura Dymock |
The Investigative Musicologist is originally produced for the University of Toronto's campus radio station, CIUT 89.5FM. For the musically indecisive or musically adventurous, this is an indiscriminately jumbled, multi-directional show of new and old music spanning all across the musical universe – popular, classical, international, and a bunch of stuff in between.
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