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Ken Zakreski, developer |
Let's explore the town and the world with a mix of album oriented music and spoken word.
Westbank Country Opry |
The Westbank Country Opry is the longest-running music show in BC's Okanagan Valley and presents live monthly concerts from September - May. The half-hour show features regular Opry performers and special guests.
Ken Zakreski, developer |
Live Album January 1, 2006 Fundraiser for CKGI
Kari Benninghaus |
A ongoing series produced by stations all across Canada on the legacy of Indian Residential Schools
Ryan Delehanty |
A quick burst of songs and stories from Canada's most interesting artists.
CKGI programming |
Linking poetry with social action and, yes, hope. With host Kathleen Miniely.
David Winn |
Told in his own Words & Music, & in the Words & Music of Others. A Radio Series in Twenty-one Half-hour Parts, consisting of a Prologue & Forty-one Scenes; based on the David Cairns translation of 'Memoirs of Hector Berlioz'; with excerpts from the Jacques Barzun translation of 'Evenings with the Orchestra'; also from 'Fantasy Pieces' by Harald Krebs; &...
Joel North |
A 2-hour weekly show geared towards the young adult college/university student age group. Features mainstream dance-music and content on dating, college, parties and pop culture. PG-13 rating. Episodes are delivered by Thursday of each week in 6 x 17 minute segments along with a text playlist. Shows are CanCon compliant for Canadian station, but do contain songs from the Hit...
CFRC Music Department |
This four part documentary series was produced by Adam Weaver and explores the Kingston independent music scene of the past two decades, ranging from the early 90s to 2012. Adam unearths classic Kingston recordings and talks with the movers and shakers of the active and changing musical landscape.
Laura Dymock |
The Investigative Musicologist is originally produced for the University of Toronto's campus radio station, CIUT 89.5FM. For the musically indecisive or musically adventurous, this is an indiscriminately jumbled, multi-directional show of new and old music spanning all across the musical universe – popular, classical, international, and a bunch of stuff in between.
African Perspectives CHRY |
The profits and riches to be gained from exploitation of Eastern Congo’s natural resources continue to propel violence, pillage and the suffering of the Congolese people.
Brian Cleveland |
The Lorenzo Society of UNB Saint John presents the 2012-2013 Season of its Munch and Music Series. We are pleased to have our own Musicians in Residence, the Saint John String Quartet, perform for us. Sep 27, 2012: R. Thompson - String Quartet in G major / L. von Beethoven - String Quartet in F major, Hess 34. Oct 25,...
Candace Mooers |
Culture Strike aims to connect art with activism.
Robin Eriksson |
This unique 6-hour overnight show features a mix of eclectic music, comic book theatre and endearing company.
Boomer Radio |
Each with Brian Majore interviews a touring stand up comedian. They discuss the craft of stand up comedy, experiences and views on related topics.
Samantha Power |
The CJSR Edition, produced by CJSR FM 88.5 in Edmonton, is a weekly hour of spoken word content dedicated to original thought, panel discussions, lectures, documentaries and ideas.
Matt Simmons |
An interrobang is the unlikely combination of the interrogative—also known as the question mark—and the bang, or exclamation point. This program is similarly an unlikely combination...of books and music. Each show thematically navigates its way though a single book — a soundtrack to the pages. As the plot thickens, so do the sounds. As the pace quickens, characters run away....
Ramneek |
Raw Punjabi Folk, Bhangra and Bollywood Funk Straight from the Motherland
CFBX Radio |
A series on producing music in the BC Interior, interviewing artists on their careers and what it's like to produce music in a small city. Each episode will feature interviews with a BC Interior artist, a few tracks of their music and interesting facts about the music scene in the BC Interior. Funding was provided for this series through a...
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