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Charlotte Bourne |
Every May, Asian Heritage Month celebrates the diverse culture and achievements of Asians. The Canadian government has officially recognized Asian Heritage Month since 2002.
CKUT News Department |
As we approach the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq this March, CKUT's Montreal Sessions will be taking every tuesday of this month between 3 and 5pm to talk to Montreal musicians and knowledge producers about the ways in which they have been affected and seek to effect in this time of war. Themes we will be dealing with...
Charlotte Bourne |
From February 19 to March 11, 2008, the Vancouver Public Library hosts a lively exchange of ideas and discussion at Speak Up 2008: My Virtual World, where participants explore the role of technology in our lives. Expert panelists representing a broad range of perspectives on technology in the virtual and real worlds address four key aspects of e-activity: Online Privacy,...
CKUT News Department |
Within this special documentary, CKUT Radio explores a critical issue of our times: A little matter of genocide. You've seen the coverage of Darfur, calling for you and everyone's army to intervene in the conflict now. But what of the similarities between Darfur and conflict in Iraq? Can we even compare these two conflicts? Does the way in which the...
Frieda Werden |
Audio from events held around Vancouver between March 1 and March 8, 2008, around IWD issues and celebrations
Frieda Werden |
Pieces about homelessness recorded in Vancouver Area in 2007.
Charlotte Bourne |
Pieces collected for broadcast every February with a particular focus on the Black Canadian experience
james haarp |
join host James Haarp when he converses with mind control victim Steve about his experiences. Is Scientology a cult or religion?
CKUT News Department |
No One Is Illegal Radio broadcasts live on the first Thursday of every month, from 5-6pm (EST), as part of “Off the Hour", produced in collaboration with the commnunity news collective at CKUT. We're at 90.3 FM in Montreal, and on the web. Our show is also uploaded every month, with bonus audio and extended interviews; updates at
Toma Grubb |
Living for the health of it is a weekly show on CHLY 101.7 FM. our show is available for syndication to other stations
CKUT News Department |
NO ONE IS ILLEGAL RADIO is a monthly news and current affairs show on CKUT 90.3 FM, community radio in Montreal, produced and hosted by members of the No One Is Illegal-Montreal collective on the first Thursday of every month, on Off-the-Hour from 5-6pm. NO ONE IS ILLEGAL RADIO brings you voices from the frontlines of the movements for the...
CKUT News Department |
This is a series of reports sent from the No Borders Camp (2007) on the US Mexico border at Calexico/Mexicali. These reports were produced by Seth Porcello with support from CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and the Quebec Public Interest Group.
Tom Richmond |
Will Adam is riding his bike across Canada on his bike, to support fundraising of the MS Society of Canada. He has lived and worked on Amherst Island Ontario, home of CJAI-FM, Canada's smallest radio station, and was briefly a volunteer there. There will be multiple episodes recorded as he reports in.
Frieda Werden |
Raw audio (later to include produced audio) from the Simon Fraser University's Interfaith Summer Institute event July 5, 2997. Dorothy Christian, organiser and moderator.
James Louis Terral |
World Report is a 10-13 minute weekly segment that gives a Canadian perspective on international affairs and international development issues. It won the 2007 NCRA Award for Best Newscast.
Gerald Horne Report |
History Professor and Social Commentator speaks to host Norman Otis Richmond every Saturday on CKLN's main news program Saturday Morning Live for approx 25 min on a range of Topics from the so called War On Terror to To Social disruption in Africa
chris |
A series of interviews with Guelphites demonstrating for aboriginal rights on June 29th 2007
culture |
Short features, interviews and docs produced by CKUT
South Asian Community News - C |
SOUTH ASIAN COMMUNITY NEWS is a bi-monthly 1 hour radio program produced by members of the south asian community in Montreal, Canada, for community radio CKUT 90.3FM. It is a forum about local and global issues affecting south asians. We are supporters of social justice and will strive to bring you voices from the community. To send your comments, get...
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