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Alison Clancey and Jessi Taylor talk about the work of SWAN Vancouver.
02 Jan, 2019 | 0:28:28 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Alison Clancey is the executive director of SWAN Vancouver – that's short for Supporting Women's Alternatives Network – which is a sex worker support organization based among migrant and immigrant women who do indoor sex work. Jessi Taylor is the orgaization's research programs manager. Scott Neigh interviews them about SWAN Vancouver's advocacy work around everything from law reform to their...
Music beyond boundaries for a digital world!
02 Jan, 2019 | 0:57:57 |
EN | Deep Threes | Deep Threes - Music Beyond Boundaries

An eclectic sonic excursion featuring Ouorboros, Talbot, Melinda Ligeti and more...
Community Radio News from Coast to Coast to Coast
01 Jan, 2019 | 0:29:01 |
EN | Groundwire Production |

This episode of GroundWire was produced on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit. This episode of GroundWire will look back at significant stories from the first half of 2018. Here is 2018 year in review Headlines Jan 29: National Day of Action in Support of Tim Horton’s Workers | Cathy Inouye, CKUT Feb 26: Survivors who...
Underground electronic music mixed and curated by Seán Savage.
01 Jan, 2019 | 1:56:00 |
EN | Sean Savage | Amplified Radio Network with Seán Savage

Mixed and curated by Seán Savage, The Amplified Radio Network brings you the best in electronica, trip hop, deep house and techno from around the world. Each 58 min show (part 1 & 2) is 50% CanCon and can be played individually or together in a 2 hr block with room for PSA's. If you are interested in airing the...
Looking inward and beyond at progressive, fusion and alternative genres, near and far...
31 Dec, 2018 | 1:55:32 |
EN | Nicholas Cooper |

Special Broadcast: 100th show of The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope | 2-Hour music radio program | live broadcast . Audible Observations (Playlist): Amplifier: 'Magic Carpet' - 'Black Rainbow' from Mystoria (2014) Machines Dream: 'Jupiter' from 100 Afternoons EP (2016) Dream Aria: 'Akasha (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)' from On The Other Side (2017) OddsFiche: 'A Vacant Walk Through The Conservatory (live premiere)'...
Top 30 Indie Beats from 2018!!!
31 Dec, 2018 | 1:54:55 |
EN | Program Coordinator | The Charts with Dinah J

Check out the great list of Canadian artists who spent weeks or even months getting airplay at CFRC in Kingston! We move from Charlotte Day Wilson and Jennifer Castle through to Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, Calpurnia, Peach Kelli Pop, Wax Mannequin, Metric and oh so much more!
Jason Stanley – How Fascism Works
31 Dec, 2018 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

What is fascism? Michael Parenti, author and historian says, “Fascism historically has been used to secure the interests of large capitalist interests against the demands of popular democracy. Then and now, fascism has made irrational mass appeals in order to secure the rational ends of class domination.” Fascism flourishes in times of economic insecurity and cultural backlash. Opportunistic politicians offer...
Marcelo Saavedra on the notion of rights/role of languages and women in paradigm shift thats happeni
30 Dec, 2018 | 0:27:33 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

A professor at Carleton University, Marcelo Saavedra is an Indigenous Bolivian leader and founder of the Bolivia Action Solidarity Network. He speaks to Latin Waves about the need to protect indigenous languages as these languages change how we view the world. He challenges the western notion of rights and how the paradigm shift that’s taking place must have women front...
Live music recorded in Yukon communities.
30 Dec, 2018 | 0:59:30 |
EN | Dieter Gade | JAM Live!

This episode features the Cory Weeds Quartet from Vancouver, British Columbia, fronted by Cory Weeds on saxophone and bolstered by guest, jazz pianist David Hazeltine who calls New York City home. Beyond Vancouver, Cory has a strong affinity with New York City. He brought many of that jazz mecca’s top players to his jazz club, and has performed, toured, and...
Today's Modern Jazz Improvisors, Creators and Tastemakers.
30 Dec, 2018 | 4:37:01 |
EN | CHMR FM Music Department | Modern Jazz Today

Modern Jazz Today is a radio show that focuses on today’s jazz improvisers and creators, cutting their teeth and cutting the edge of sound. We are proud to present Modern Jazz Today as an avenue for discovering a new generation of jazz musicians, composers, improvisers and arrangers.
Zero-Waste Lifestyle
29 Dec, 2018 | 0:24:23 |
EN | Lawson Hunter | EarthMatters

Kate Pepler moved to Canada’s east coast and attended Dalhousie University. There she learned about environmental issues and it troubled her that more wasn’t being done to reduce waste and recycle. After a year of learning how to source sustainable items and reduce her own waste, Pepler created a website to inspire others to become more eco-conscious and began hosting...
employment, Fitness, power of Attorney
28 Dec, 2018 | 0:29:18 |
EN | CJAM-FM Music Department |

This program focuses on disability issues. host Cam Wells will explore all sides of this comparing and contrasting with able bodied life.
Canada's Contemporary Celtic Radio Hour
28 Dec, 2018 | 0:58:42 |
EN | Cal Koat | Celt In A Twist

Great grooves and good news for a refreshing change. The Celt In A Twist Year in Review including the tracks that topped our monthly Top 10 charts!
exciting contemporary global music alternative to jukebox radio
28 Dec, 2018 | 0:59:04 |
EN | Cal Koat | worldbeatcanada radio

A mix of 2018's best culled from our monthly World Beat Top 30 charts at Each cut neared or topped the list of our very best.
Check out more of Folk Roots Radio's Favourite Albums of 2018.
28 Dec, 2018 | 0:58:08 |
EN | Jan Hall | Folk Roots Radio

There are no interviews on Episode 418 of Folk Roots Radio as we check out more of our favourite albums of the year. We've already released The Top 10 on Episode 417 of Folk Roots Radio. This time around we check out The Next 15, featuring some of our favourite tracks from those albums. It’s a great privilege to bring...
Check out Folk Roots Radio's 10 Favourite Albums of 2018.
28 Dec, 2018 | 0:58:07 |
EN | Jan Hall | Folk Roots Radio

It’s that time of year... we’re holding back the interviews on Folk Roots Radio as we check out our ten favourite albums of 2018. One of the best things about doing a radio show is getting loads of great music to listen to each week. One of the hardest things to do, though, is to take all that fabulous music...
Live music recorded in Yukon communities.
28 Dec, 2018 | 0:59:30 |
EN | Dieter Gade | JAM Live!

We have more music from the 2018 Southeast Alaska State Fair in Haines. This year’s line-up again featured a variety of fantastic performers from Canada and the United States. We have chosen multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Ron Artis II and his band from Hawaii for this episode. Since 2015, Ron is backed by his band “The Truth” consisting of his brother Stevon...
As 2018 draws to a close join the CanQueer team and their guests as the embark on the big gay quiz o
28 Dec, 2018 | 0:56:55 |
EN | The Velvet Studio | CanQueer

As 2018 draws to a close join the CanQueer team and their guests as the embark on the big gay quiz of the year! How much of the year do you remember, Bradley and Sebastien face off against Chloe and Jay, with Luke calling out the questions. Who will go gay for $20? What village celebrated Straight Pride for less...
Underground electronic music mixed and curated by Seán Savage.
28 Dec, 2018 | 1:56:00 |
EN | Sean Savage | The Mix Sessions with Seán Savage

Mixed and curated by Seán Savage, The Mix Sessions is a global gathering of music fans every week bringing you the best underground electronic music around including Electronica, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass and Deep House. This show is 50% CanCon (12 songs of 24). If you are playing the show on your station please let me know so we...
GK Selections 2018
28 Dec, 2018 | 1:00:39 |
EN | | Walkuman Style

(1.) Could Be - Black Milk (2.) Two Tickets To Ride - Born Analog (3.) The Order - Apathy (4.) Go ACH Go - Clear Soul Forces (5.) #NeverUseTheInternetAgain - Homeboy Sandman & Edan (6.) Recognize - Full Circle (7.) 1985 (DJ Premier 1966 remix) - J. Cole (8.) Setting The Scene - Funky DL (9.) Die Essenz - Soulbrotha...
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