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Commentators Debbie Lusignan and Shawn Helton dissect the Las Vegas Shootings
20 Oct, 2017 | 0:59:00 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

On this week's Global Research News Hour, we explore some of the discrepancies and anomalies surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting. These include suggestions that some of the footage from the event may have been staged, implausible medical interventions, explorations of the suspect's background, and repeated patterns in the way authorities respond to events of this nature.
Three observers comment on the opposition protests and international condemnation of Venezuela
13 Oct, 2017 | 0:59:28 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

As regional elections take place over the weekend, this week's Global Research News Hour sets its sights on the political and economic upheaval gripping the Venezuela over the last year. We'll get a view from the ground from Lucas Koerner, a journalist and writer with We'll get a broader picture from Latin America specialist and Venezuela expert Professor Julia...
Wild Salmon Protectors demonstration, Rally in Quebec welcomes Refugees, and Racism in Winnipeg
08 Oct, 2017 | 0:28:57 |
EN | Groundwire Production |

This episode of GroundWire is hosted by participants attending the Grassroots Radio Conference hosted by WCAA-LP 107.3 FM in Albany, New York, broadcasting from the territory of the Mohawk and Algonquin people. Headlines Guinean refugees fight against their deportation in Montreal | Mostafa Henaway, CKUT One hundred fifty striking employees at Winnipeg's James Armstrong Richardson International Airport return to work...
Lesley Hughes engages John PIlger on North Korea, the death of the anti-War movement, and more
06 Oct, 2017 | 0:59:03 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

Special guest interviewer Lesley Hughes interviews Academy and Emmy award-winning documentary film maker and investigative reporter John Pilger. Pilger, an Australian based in the United Kingdom since 1962, has produced dozens of documentaries over the course of his career. He is principally critical of the imperialist policies and agendas of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. In this...
History Professor, Kurdish-CAnadian and JOurnalist share their thoughts about Kurdistan referendum
29 Sep, 2017 | 0:59:06 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

On this week's global research News Hour we take a look at the recent independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan and the overwhelming endorsement of separation from the rest of iraq and what it means for Iraq, the larger region and the world, and whether it is the Kurdish people or larger imperial powers that benefit from the overall situation. We'll...
Activism in Vancouver by-elections & new overhauls to Manitoba's health care system
25 Sep, 2017 | 0:28:26 |
EN | Groundwire Production |

This episode of Groundwire is hosted in Powell River on the traditional land of the Tla'Amin Nation and produced by CKUT radio broadcasting from Montreal on unceded Mohawk territory.
Sex workers and allies demonstrate as murder goes unsolved
25 Sep, 2017 | 0:28:43 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

A loud but peaceful demonstration demanding Justice for Martha, the slain 32-year-old mother of one whose murder by a client is unsolved, also provides an occasion for discussing the general abuse of rights of women who support themselves and their families by selling sexual services. The murder took place in a popular nightclub patronized largely by white tourists. The disrespect...
Stephen Lendman questions Myanmar leaders iconic status, Whitney Webb exposes US geopolitical aims
22 Sep, 2017 | 0:59:01 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

This week's Global Research News Hour inspects the international outrage expressed over the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, and the apparent indifference of the previously venerated pro-democracy champion, Aung San Suu Kyi. In the first half hour, writer and broadcaster Stephen Lendman shares his thoughts about the misportrayal of Aung San Suu Kyi as a pro-democracy icon. He has written two...
Author examines Canada's complicity in the coup and human right abuses in Honduras
15 Sep, 2017 | 1:58:24 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

In an interview recorded in the summer during his tour stop in Winnipeg Tyler Shipley, the author of 'Ottawa ad Empire: Canada and the Military Coup in Honduras' addresses questions of the strategic importance of Honduras for imperialist powers, the progress of social movements cut short by the coup of 2009, Canada's precise role in enabling the coup, and the...
Ready to air! Rallying against racism & displaced by wildfires
11 Sep, 2017 | 0:29:00 |
EN | Groundwire Production |

This episode of GroundWire is produced by CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal broadcasting from the traditional unceded territory of the Mohawk nation Headlines Tiny House Project in protest of Kinder Morgan | Gunargie O'Sullivan, Co-op Radio Confronting hate and white supremacy in Winnipeg | Michael Welch, CKUW Features Rallying Against Racism in Vancouver | Jesse Wentzloff, CJSF Voices of Manitoba First...
Updates on 9/11 truth movement and prospects meaningful change in world affairs
08 Sep, 2017 | 0:59:01 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

On this week's Global Research News Hour, on the occasion of the anniversary of 9/11, we take a look at the movement seeking to expose the lies around the World Trade Center attacks which supposedly triggered that war agenda, as well as the prospects that 9/11 Truth can realistically make a substantial difference in world affairs. Our guests for the...
The first convictions around her assassination remind us
01 Sep, 2017 | 0:28:40 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

On August 31, 2017, two men were convicted for destroying evidence at the scene of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination in 2007. She had been the first woman to lead a Muslim-majority country, and was campaigning to return for a 3rd term. WINGS looks back at how she entered politics and what she did and did not achieve...
Unsanctioned Overdose Prevention Site goes up in Toronto & WSDA take on coastal fish farms in BC
29 Aug, 2017 | 0:29:00 |
EN | Groundwire Production |

This episode of Groundwire is produced by CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal broadcasting from the traditional unceded territory of the Haudenosaunee (Mohawk) nation.
Community media coverage from the Marrakech Climate Summit
28 Aug, 2017 | 0:28:48 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

November 7, 2016, the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change began. By day 2 it was clear that the US would not try to lead in climate mitigation and adaptation - that it was up to grassroots people and their allies. This program features the reporting of Laila Ndagire from community radio Mama...
August 26th, 2017 is the 97th anniversary of the women's suffrage amendment
20 Aug, 2017 | 0:28:48 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Audio documentary about the successful fight for a Constitutional Amendment enshrining US women's right to vote and the still-pending struggle for an Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. Includes stories about Alice Paul (January 11, 1885 – July 9, 1977), whose work for women bridged both causes.
Michel Chossudovsky discusses background of the conflict in the Korean Peninsula and implications
15 Aug, 2017 | 0:59:33 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

What is behind this jousting between nuclear powers US and North Korea, and what could be the consequences for the region and the world? These are the questions we hope to address in this week's installment of the Global Research News Hour, featuring this week's special guest Michel Chossudovsky. Over the course of the hour, the discussion will delve into...
Community Radio News from Coast to Coast to Coast
15 Aug, 2017 | 0:27:36 |
EN | Groundwire Production |

This year’s Prisoner’s Justice Day episode of GW was produced on traditional territory of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory CFRC in Kingston, Ontario by Jasmine Chapman at CFRC. Download Links: Headlines The Prisoner Correspondance Project petitions Canada Correction Services to implement Trans rights policy changes | Prison Radio, CKUT Albert Dumont talks about how counselling helps those who are within...
Russian-American engineer and political analyst discusses pitfalls of technology in latest book
14 Aug, 2017 | 0:59:08 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

In this exclusive feature length interview, Russian-American engineer and sought after commentator Dmitry Orlov talks about a new construct called the Technosphere which arose out of the proliferation of human ingenuity and now not only threatens humanity's autonomy but its very existence. Later Orlov assesses the current breakdown in diplomacy between Russia and the US and whether the population of...
The founders of this global movement are still kicking and singing
14 Aug, 2017 | 0:28:48 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

In 1987, the Raging Granny movement was born in Victoria BC. Thirty years later in 2017, they were honoured with an exhibit at the Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg. Two of the earliest members and many other Raging Grannies from newer groups describe their activism and sing their political songs in this documentary
speakers address NATO's function in the post Cold War era and how to challenge militarism.
11 Aug, 2017 | 0:59:34 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

If NATO was conceived to collectively defend countries in the North Atlantic region from the 'Soviet threat', why has NATO's military activity accelerated in the quarter century since the Soviet Union's collapse? A conference in Winnipeg in early April of 2017 sought to explore these and related questions. This week's episode of the Global Research News Hour carries some of...
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