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About educational work that pushes organizations to be more open to trans and gender-diverse people.
19 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:08 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Behc Jax-Lynx and Cara Tierney both work with a small organization called Building through Education and Community Knowledge (B.E.C.K.), which uses educational approaches to push organizations in rural and suburban Ontario to do better when it comes to equity for transgender and gender-diverse people. Scott Neigh interviews them about the barriers that trans and gender-diverse people face, about their work,...
Electoral Reform Referendum in B.C.
18 Jun, 2018 | 0:26:04 |
EN | Boomer Radio |

Host Deb Ross and Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond discuss some of the implications of this fall's referendum on electoral reform in B.C.
Leslie Feinberg made the case for inclusive feminism
17 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:49 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Rousing and reasoned plenary speech by Leslie Feinberg at the 1995 US National Women's Studies Association conference. Hir callout for trans inclusion as a tenet of feminism was well received.
Cultivating the habits and virtues that co-create the path to coexistence
15 Jun, 2018 | 0:26:32 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

Latin waves host Sylvia Richardson speaks with author Robert Jensen about cultivating the habits and virtues that co-create the path to coexistence. This interview is an invitation to integrate our political, cultural, spiritual and ecological worlds and ways of being in order to re-member our collective power. A sober look at the realities that face us and the opportunities this...
About a new anthology, Spawning Generations: Rants and Reflections on Growing Up with LGBTQ+ Parents
12 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:13 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Sadie Epstein-Fine and Makeda Zook are the editors of a new book called Spawning Generations: Rants and Reflections on Growing Up with LGBTQ+ Parents, published by Demeter Press. Scott Neigh interviews them about the importance of queerspawn (i.e. people with LGBTQ+ parents) having the space to tell their own stories, about the book, and about its launch on June 18...
Tariq Ali - Connections: 1968 & 2018
11 Jun, 2018 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

Nineteen sixty-eight is often described as historic, a tumultuous year that changed the U.S. and the world. Recall the assassinations of Dr. King and Robert Kennedy, resistance to the wars in Indochina, the student strikes, the Tet offensive, the ghetto uprisings and the election of Richard Nixon. In France, the rebellion against the status quo was marked by the famous...
A grassroots movement to free black women awaiting trial in the USA
11 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:41 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Lively and informative recording of a rally outside Connecticut's only women's prison in May 2018. Groups around the country have been holding “Christmas bail-outs” and “Mother’s Day Bail-Outs” to free incarcerated women – most of whom are mothers – from pre-trial detention. The Connecticut Bail Fund raised $30,000 to bail out 30 women in time to be home for Mother’s...
Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond
09 Jun, 2018 | 0:30:29 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

Arnold August has an M.A. in political science from McGill University, Montreal, where he resides. His books include Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion, Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond . An accomplished journalist, he contributes articles in English and Spanish to websites in the United States, Canada, Cuba, Latin America and Europe. Since 1997, he has spent extended periods...
Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, Israel's 'Blood Diamonds, a history of Zionism and who supports it
08 Jun, 2018 | 0:59:21 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

At a time when violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict is making major world headlines, we'll take a closer look at some of the dynamics playing out in the region with three guests. Ron Rousseau is one of the Canadians participating in this year's Freedom Flotilla attempting to breach the Israeli imposed blockade on Gaza. Sean Clinton is a Palestine solidarity...
David McDonald talks about the upcoming Future is Public conference.
05 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:17 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

David McDonald is a professor of Global Development Studies at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario whose work over the years has focused on issues related to public services and privatization, mostly in contexts in the Global South and in Europe. Scott Neigh interviews him about his role as a co-organizer of The Future is Public, a conference happening in Montreal...
Sexual misconduct in humanitarian organizations
04 Jun, 2018 | 0:28:48 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

From the podcast series Gender at Work, feminists with experience in United Nations and aid organizations explain how policies to stop discrimination and abuse of privilege fail, and what might discourage the culture of impunity.
Marcelo Saavedra on the notion of rights/role of languages and women in paradigm shift thats happeni
03 Jun, 2018 | 0:27:33 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

A professor at Carleton University, Marcelo Saavedra is an Indigenous Bolivian leader and founder of the Bolivia Action Solidarity Network. He speaks to Latin Waves about the need to protect indigenous languages as these languages change how we view the world. He challenges the western notion of rights and how the paradigm shift that’s taking place must have women front...
Guests examine the political context and the forensics of the infamous assassination of RFK
01 Jun, 2018 | 0:59:20 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, we speak with two researchers who challenge the official account, and who outline possible motives by elite elements of American society for wanting to eliminate the bright charismatic political leader. Mark Robinowitz is a writer, political activist and ecological campaigner in Eugene, Oregon. He publishes the...
Conversation with Paul Gilbert of BC Disability Caucus
30 May, 2018 | 0:59:16 |
EN | The Community Living Show | The Community Living Show

Talking about the BC Government and the right of the disabled in British Columbia
An interview about workplace racism, precarious work, and the struggles of Black cleaning workers.
29 May, 2018 | 0:27:51 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Taylor MacLean is a cleaning worker who lives in Halifax. Darius Mirshahi is an organizer with SEIU Local 2 in the same city, in particular with their Justice for Janitors campaign. Scott Neigh interviews them about anti-Black racism in the workplace, about precarious work, about an injustice faced by MacLean and a number of other Black cleaning workers, and about...
Immigration and the Challenge of Education: A Social Drama Analysis in South Central Los Angele
27 May, 2018 | 0:25:50 |
EN | Stuart Richardson | Latin Waves

Senior Lecturer Nathalia Jaramillo is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of California Los Angeles. She has teaching experience in the United States, as well as in Latin American universities. Dr. Jaramillo’s scholarship is concerned with understanding the social, economic and political conditions that shape the schooling experiences of marginalized communities; on generating methodologies and practices that bridge...
Instant divorce by oral triple talaq is dead but not buried
27 May, 2018 | 0:28:43 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

In August 2017, India's Supreme Court found it unconstitutional for a man to divorce his wife just by saying - or texting - the word talaq three times. Women activists say this type of divorce is not in the Koran, which prescribes a slow process with mediation; but the patriarchal religious leadership that controls India's Muslim personal law insists that...
William Engdahl on Coloured Revolutions, Stepohen Sefton on the Nicaraguan Case Study
25 May, 2018 | 0:59:00 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

This week’s Global Research News Hour examines a new and insidious stratagem for overthrowing independent governments and instituting the hegemonic will of foreign powers, most specifically the United States. F. William Engdahl, author of the recent book “Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance” takes a historical look supposed democracy movements from Lech Walesa’s Poland to the current Armenian revolt, inspecting...
Wendy Goldsmith and Ron Rousseau talk about the Canada Boat to Gaza.
22 May, 2018 | 0:28:11 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Wendy Goldsmith is a social worker who lives in London, Ontario. Ron Rousseau is a postal worker in the Yukon, as well as the president of his local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the Vice President for Indigenous peoples of the Canadian Labour Congress. Both of them are involved in the Canada Boat to Gaza and in...
Explained by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
21 May, 2018 | 0:28:47 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

On the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Guernica by Spanish fascists, McAliskey told an audience in Dublin that they are facing a rise in fascism worldwide and they need to know what it really is.
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