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Simran Kaur Dhunna and Bikram Singh talk about the work of the Naujawan Support Network.
26 Jul, 2022 | 0:28:20 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Simran Kaur Dhunna and Bikram Singh are members of the Naujawan Support Network, a group of international students and immigrant workers primarily based in Brampton, Ontario, who are challenging the exploitation and mistreatment that their members face using protest, mutual support, and collective direct action. Scott Neigh interviews them about how they directly confront the employers, landlords, immigration consultants, and...
Steve September talks about the work of the Anti-Racism Coalition Vancouver.
28 Jun, 2022 | 0:28:07 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Steve September was born into the struggle against South African apartheid, and today he is the chair of the Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC) Vancouver, a grassroots group working to end all forms of racial inequality through education, legislation, and social events. Scott Neigh interviews him about the work of ARC Vancouver and about the perspective he brings to anti-racist organizing based...
For weeks of June 13 and June 20, around the new Juneteenth US holiday
13 Jun, 2022 | 0:57:38 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

As of 2022 Juneteenth is a US federal holiday. First celebrated by Black communities in Texas, it marks June 19th, 1865, when Union troops arrived at the port of Galveston, to enforce Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. While Americans celebrate that enslaved people were freed, many refuse to hear the cruel facts of slavery or allow them to be taught. The late...
Lisa Hari and Rosemary Brown talk about the group We're Together Ending Poverty.
07 Jun, 2022 | 0:28:16 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Lisa Hari and Rosemary Brown are active in We’re Together Ending Poverty (WTEP), a grassroots anti-poverty group in Calgary. Scott Neigh interviews them about what poverty looks like in their city, about the group’s evolution over the years, and about their work to bring people together to build shared understandings and collective action. Over her career, Hari has engaged in...
Darlene Okemaysim-Sicotte talks about the work of Iskwewuk E-wichiwitochik.
10 May, 2022 | 0:28:09 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Darlene Okemaysim-Sicotte is part of a grassroots group called Iskwewuk E-wichiwitochik, or Women Walking Together, that has been working for many years in Saskatoon on the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Scott Neigh interviews her about what that work has involved. Okemaysim-Sicotte grew up in Beardy’s and Okemasis’ Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, north of Saskatoon. She...
Masculine women claim their stripe in the gender rainbow.
23 Apr, 2022 | 0:28:41 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Women who find themselves "on the masculine side of centre" often experience disapproval, rejection, and pressures to change. Madelaine Imber and Tandiwe Aebi-Moyo talk about Butch Is Not a Dirty Word, a magazine (and now an organization) designed to admire, appreciate, and network those who live with butch identity. Various butch identities are referenced, including butches of colour and trans...
The Temporary Agency Workers Association is fighting for better conditions and labour rights.
12 Apr, 2022 | 0:28:21 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Manuel Salamanca Cardona is an activist with the Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC), which organizes with immigrant and migrant workers in a wide range of contexts in Montreal. Scott Neigh interviews him specifically about the struggles of workers employed by temp agencies, and about the work of the IWC-affiliated Temporary Agency Workers Association, which fights for improved conditions and labour rights...
The Iroquois system has lasted hundreds of years
11 Apr, 2022 | 0:28:48 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Barbara Alice Mann describes the inner workings of a long-established North American matriarchal society, where women lead the arrangement of life, including festivals, collective decision-making, management of longhouses, food storage, marriages, childrearing, inheritance, rotating land use, agriculture, food storage, sharing, and gift-giving.  And war and peace.
Hosting a fund-raising show with colleagues Rico, Ugonna and Scott
25 Feb, 2022 | 0:56:14 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

This show features host Michael Welch together with fellow station host Ras Rico discussing the subject of decolonization at length touching on Haiti, Angola, Cuba and other places in the cross-hairs of the U.S. Empire. We also allow cameos by Volunteer Coordinator Ugonna Chigbo and by Program Director Scott Price. We also talk about the station itself and encourage listeners...
Alastair Bonnett Discusses Multiracism
23 Feb, 2022 | 1:21:26 |
EN | Dan McPeake |

Alastair Bonnett is a professor of Social Geography at Newcastle University. He discusses his new book Multiracism: Re-thinking Racism in Global Context, and looks at the many ways society examines racism including culturally, socially, ethnically, environmentally, even politically. He touches on everything from Chagos Islands to Brexit to Whoopi Goldberg to the Canada Convoys. The book is out now.
Hanen Nanaa talks about the work of the BAM Collective.
22 Feb, 2022 | 0:28:05 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Hanen Nanaa works in research and policy development in the federal political context and as an outreach coordinator for the Syrian Canadian Foundation, but today Scott Neigh interviews her in her role as director of the BAM Collective. The acronym “BAM” stands for “Books Art Music,” and the group is a youth-led collective based in Ontario that seeks to empower...
Julianne Malveaux – Economic Justice: Dr. King’s Legacy
21 Feb, 2022 | 0:57:00 |
EN | Shawna Sprowls |

The conventional media image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has him frozen in time on August 28, 1963, giving his inspirational “I Have a Dream” speech. Little attention is paid to King’s political and social evolution in the last five years of his life. He became a strong critic of the Vietnam War. In his sermon at the Riverside...
Honourable Don Oliver interviews George Clarke about their relative, Portia White
11 Feb, 2022 | 0:21:16 |
EN | Craig Mills |

Senator Don Oliver and George Elliott Clarke honour the life and career of their mutual relative, the late contralto and beloved voice teacher, PORTIA WHITE (1911-1968). Although she performed before royalty and in concert halls throughout the world, she was refused accommodation in a hotel in her home province of Nova Scotia.
Angela Davis speech, FOR WEEKS OF JAN 31 AND FEB 7, 2022
29 Jan, 2022 | 0:57:28 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

In this speech to the Birkbeck School of Law, University of London [UK], Angela Davis focuses on often-erased information, e.g., the intent and failings of the Emancipation Proclamation, collective action and the leading roles of women in ending slavery and fighting discrimination, the limited concept of rights, the Black Panther movement, and racist terrorism.
update with Scott Ritter & changes in Ukraine history with Paul Craig Roberts and Dmitriy Kovalevich
20 Jan, 2022 | 0:59:28 |
EN | Michael Welch | Global Research News Hour

On this week’s Global Research News Hour, we focus on the growing friction between the United States and Russia over the fate of Ukraine with three great guests; In our first half hour, commentator and columnist Scott Ritter expresses his thoughts about NATO’s inability to thwart the Russians and opens up a possible face saver for all forces involved. In...
Mistaking discomfort for violence is an error of our times
02 Jan, 2022 | 0:28:44 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Lesbian novelist and nonfiction writer Sarah Schulman speaks in Vancouver about her book Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair. The book could not find a publisher in the US, but was picked up by Vancouver's Arsenal Pulp Press. As of this reading in 2018, it had sold more than 10,000 copies. Schulman says...
Vanessa Hartley talks about responding to environmental racism in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.
28 Dec, 2021 | 0:28:21 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

[This is a rebroadcast of an episode of Talking Radical Radio originally broadcast in July 2021.] Vanessa Hartley is 21 years old and an eighth generation Black Loyalist descendent. She is the chair of the South End Environmental Injustice Society (SEED). And she is a resident of Shelburne, a town of about 1200 people on the southwest coast of Nova...
on feminism, race, violence and dealing with rage
20 Dec, 2021 | 0:28:49 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

The world-famous Black author and thinker known as bell hooks passed away on December 15, 2021, at age 69. From the WINGS archive, here are excerpts of her speaking in 1993, the year she published Sisters of the Yam: Black women and self-recovery, and whilst she was working on the book to be titled Killing Rage: Ending Racism (1995).
Indigenous views on false climate solutions
13 Dec, 2021 | 0:28:49 |
EN | Frieda Werden | WINGS

Two passionate indigenous organizers - one in North Dakota and one on Guam - point to the environmental toll on their homelands and condemn the UN, industry and governments for promoting false climate solutions such as carbon credit trading and ignoring indigenous input and the heart of the matter. They say solutions must be locally adapted and include leaving fossil...
Tonye Aganaba and Chantelle Spicer talk about the work of the Defund 604 Network.
23 Nov, 2021 | 0:28:21 |
EN | Scott Neigh | Talking Radical Radio

Tonye Aganaba and Chantelle Spicer live in the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh people, in what is colonially known as Vancouver. They are active in the Defund 604 Network, a collective that organizes around police and prison abolition. Scott Neigh interviews them about that work. As most listeners will no doubt recall, the murder of George Floyd...
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