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Groundwire report on Montreal homeless man killed by police
13 Jan, 2012 | 0:03:05 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

Anchor script: On Friday, January 6th, Montreal police officers shot and killed Farshad Mohammadi, a 34-year old homeless man inside one of the city's busiest metro stations. Mohammadi was the first person to be killed by Montreal police in 2012, and the second homeless person to be killed by the city's police in less than one year. CKUT radio's Aaron...
A report on an upcoming UN inquiry into the cases of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada
30 Dec, 2011 | 0:04:58 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

Anchor script: The United Nations has recently announced that it will conduct an inquiry into the ongoing problem of unsolved cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. CKUT radio’s Aaron Lakoff has the story from Montreal.
English radio ad
18 Nov, 2011 | 0:01:07 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

Homelessness Marathon, February 22-23 2012
Annonce en français pour le marathon des sans-abri
18 Nov, 2011 | 0:00:59 |
FR | Aaron Lakoff |

Annonce en français pour le marathon des sans-abri
24 Apr, 2009 | 0:02:28 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

An ad capsule for the NCRC in Montreal, June 7-13, in english ET Une capsule en français pour la Conférence nationale des radios étudiantes et communautaires!
25 Oct, 2008 | 0:08:18 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

A feature for Groundwire on a demonstration against police brutality in Montreal North.
01 Oct, 2008 | 0:01:27 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

Headline for Groundwire on Shawn Brant's legal update
05 Jul, 2008 | 0:04:20 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

Feature story for groundwire
09 Jun, 2008 | 0:04:27 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

Script: On June 1st, over 1000 people marched in Montreal to protest bill c-484, a proposed piece of legislation otherwise known as the Unborn Victims of Crime Act. The bill, which was introduced as a private-members bill by Conservative MP Ken Epp from Edmonton, proposes to change the criminal code of Canada by making an attack against a foetus a...
05 May, 2008 | 0:03:21 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

Statements for Artists against Apartheid
28 Apr, 2008 | 0:11:23 |
EN | Aaron Lakoff |

An interview with Ashraf from Tulkarem, Palestine. Ashraf is a graduate from the Arab American University in Jenin, where he and other students lead a successful campaign to boycott Israeli products on their campus. For a transcript of this interview, visit:
01 Apr, 2008 | 0:55:40 |
FR | Aaron Lakoff |

Un radio-documentaire des luttes des sans-papiers en France Réalisé par Aaron Lakoff. -->Pour voir une gallerie de photos des luttes des sans-papiers en France, visitez: Ce documentaire d'une heure rassemble les sons, musiques et voix provenants de divers mouvements de personnes sans-papiers à travers la France. Le président français Nicolas Sarkozy et son ministre de l'immigration, Brice Hortefeux, ont...
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