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Lorne VanSinclair

Lorne has been involved in collecting and broadcasting vintage music all his life, which is a long time. He got his first 78 RPM record - by Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters - when he was three and never stopped. He made regular appearances on CBC Radio in the 1970s as well as on Saturday Night Oldies with Don Daynard and had his own shows on Toronto Community stations CKLN and CIUT in the 1980s. He was prominent in the Toronto music community having his own collectors' record store and running Canada's largest record collectors' get-together for 35 years. His musical interests revolve around blues, jazz, country and roots with a special interest in Black gospel. He currently resides in Orillia, ON and broadcasts his weekly show on CanoeFM (CKHA 100.9) in Haliburton.