Adding a New Program - Help

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    Step 1 screen shot
  • Step 1
    Add unique descriptive information about your program.
    Information required:
    • Title
    • Short Description
    • Description
    • Upload a Program Logsheet. Usually you will prepare this ahead of time while producing. You can use the blank log template fround here.
    • Guests/Speakers
    • Series (you can indicate that the program is part of a Series. If this is the first program of a series you may want to create the series now before proceeding.
    • Recording Date
    • Topicality (How long the program will remain relevant or topical)
    • Program Status (How ready is the program to be aired on another station.

  • Step 2 screen shot
  • Step 2
    Add recurring descriptive information about your program.
    Information required:
    • Hosts
    • Recording Location
    • Language
    • Copyright
    • Credits
    • Comments
    To save typing you can create and use templates for the information required by this page. Information for each of the fields can be saved and retrieved using the menu on the right.

  • Step 3
    Add a Type Category.
    Step 3 screen shot The Type Category is used indicate the type of radio program or audio resource you are sharing.
    • Select an appropriate Type category.
    • Type Categories are:
      • Actuality
      • PSA
      • Commentary
      • Documentary
      • Interview
      • Speech/Presentation
      • News Reports
      • Weekly Program

  • Step 4
    Add Topic Categories.
    Step 4 screen shot Topic Categories are used to specify the topic or topics your program is about so that it can be easily found by Exchange users.
    • This is a vital step for making your program findable. Expecially if it is relavant for more than a week or so.
    • You can add as many Topic categories as are needed and should attempt to as many as are relavant.
    • View all available Topic Categories

  • Step 5 screen shot
  • Step 5
    Upload your file.
    • You can add one or more audio files to your program.
    • As they are uploded, the meta-information of your files will be automartically extracted and entered into the database.

  • Program Detail page
    Program Detail screen shot Information about your uploaded program will be displayed as well as links for adding additional files or for editing the inormation about your program.
  • As a final step, you can upload and modifiy a Cover Image for you progream. If you do not upload an image, the default image for your Series will be show (if present).

Begin adding your program