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The Latin American Revolution

an audio documentary written by Asad Ismi and produced by Kristin Schwartz

Length: 1:58:57
Uploaded: 16 Jul, 2010

Recording Date: 16 Jul, 2010
Recording Location: Belem, Brazil; Esteli, Nicaragua; Toronto, Canada
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Copyright: Creative Commons License
The Latin American Revolution by Asad Ismi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Program Title: The Latin American Revolution
Description: A four-part audio documentary about the remarkable process of progressive social change taking place in Latin America. Written in 2009 and produced in 2010. Most of the interviews were recorded at the 2009 World Social Forum held in Belem, Brazil.

Host(s): Asad Ismi and Kristin Schwartz
Featured Speakers/Guests: See notes for list of speakers and interview guests

Credits: Written by Asad Ismi and produced by Kristin Schwartz. Go to for Asad's publications . Email him at or Kristin at kschwartz. toronto @ to respond.

Translation by Susy Alvarez, Sara Loureiro, Cristina Maria Santos, Dr. Maria Paez Victor, Dr. Carles Muntaner, Robin Nieto and America Maldonado. Voice-over by Raul Burbano, Michael Brito, Dr. Maria Paez Victor, Robin Nieto, Susy Alvarez, Amandeep Panag, Naushad Ali Husein, Rachel Warden and Roger Langen. Special thanks to Susy Alvarez, Sara Loureiro, Aline Santos and to Danae Peart and Kevin Shaw at CHRY 105.5 fm in Toronto for studio facilities.

Comments: With 10 left-wing governments in power today in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Cuba, Latin America is leading the world in implementing progressive social change. This is happening not just within countries, but also on a continental level. Demonized by the North American mainstream media, a revolution is taking place in Latin America as many governments reject U.S. imperialist domination and neoliberalism in favour of socialism, social democracy and regional integration.

From the 1950s to the 1990s, the U.S. subjected Latin America to 18 military dictatorships and neoliberalism. The dictatorships killed about one million people and neoliberalism impoverished many countries. The Latin American Revolution is the people’s answer to these U.S. imperial strategies. This remarkable process is the culmination of decades of struggle by political parties and social and guerrilla movements inspired by both Latin America's liberator Simon Bolivar and its best-known revolutionary, Che Guevara.

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1. “Venezuela”. Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez has been a leader of the Latin American Revolution. This episode focuses on how the Chavez government has transformed Venezuela through its Bolivarian Revolution. With President Hugo Chavez, Clara Herrera, America Maldonado, Santiago Arconada Rodriguez, Adedue Kawa and Julio Chavez.

2. “Bolivia”. Bolivians have elected Latin America’s first indigenous President, Evo Morales who has brought profound social changes to his country. This episode describes the Bolivian Revolution. With President Evo Morales, Cynthia Cisneros, Rosemary Irusta, Sabina Gonzalez and Tomas Huanacu.

3. “Cuba, Nicaragua and El Salvador”. Cuba has inspired the Latin American Revolution while Nicaragua recently celebrated 30 years of the Sandinista Revolution. In 2009, El Salvador elected the first left-wing government in its history. This episode looks at the revolutionary process in all three countries. With Dr. Aleida Guevara, Professor Luis Rene Fernandes Tabio, Doris Miranda and Mercedes Umana.

4. “Integration: Towards a United Latin America”. Many Latin American countries are coming together to create a continental community based on socialism and taking care of human needs. The last episode examines this inspiring integration and its importance as a model for global development. With Presidents Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez and Joao Batista Lemos, Sonia Fleury, Rosemary Irusta, Sabina Gonzalez, Lilian Celiberti, Ramon Cardona, Julio Chavez and Doris Miranda.

“The Latin American Revolution” was funded by:

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