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(David Winn)

The Story of Job

A dramatization, combined with music by Vaughan Williams

Length: 0:48:25
Uploaded: 13 Nov, 2010

Recording Date: 31 Dec, 2007
Recording Location: CFUV, University of Victoria, BC.
Logsheet: none
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: As Broadcast
Copyright: CFUV 101.9 FM and David Winn. For non-commercial use, without modification.
Music copyright English Northern Philharmonia, conductor David Lloyd-Jones (Naxos, 1995).

Program Title: The Story of Job
Description: A dramatization, combined with the music by Ralph Vaughan Williams for 'Job: a Masque for Dancing' (choreographer, Ninette de Valois) inspired by William Blake’s 'Illustrations of The Book of Job'.

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Credits: 'The Story of Job'; with music by Ralph Vaughan Williams from 'Job: a Masque for dancing', inspired by William Blake’s 'Illustrations for the Book of Job'; music performed by the English Northern Philharmonia, conductor David Lloyd-Jones.
A CFUV 101.9 FM production, produced by David Winn.
Readers, and their main roles: Caitlin Stockwell ('Book of Job' narrative); Sarah Pelzer (God); Victor Dolhai (Satan); Ingrid Hansen (Elihu); James Roney (Job).

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File Information
(h:mm:ss) 0:10:11
1) Scene 1: Introduction - Download (0)
Scene1.mp3 19,580k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: - Pastoral Dance - Satan's Appeal to God - Saraband of the Sons & Daughters of God -
"Hast thou considered My servant Job?"

(h:mm:ss) 0:03:40
2) Scene 2: Satan's Dance of Triumph Download (0)
Scene2.mp3 7,046k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: "So Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord."

(h:mm:ss) 0:04:06
3) Scene 3: Minuet of the Sons of Job and Their Wives Download (0)
Scene3.mp3 7,901k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: "One day Job's Sons and Daughters were eating, and drinking wine, in their eldest brother's house."

(h:mm:ss) 0:04:13
4) Scene 4: Job's Dream Download (0)
Scene4.mp3 8,115k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: Dance of Plague, Pestilence, Famine & Battle.
"In thoughts from the Visions of the Night ... fear came upon me and trembling."

(h:mm:ss) 0:04:54
5) Scene 5: Dance of the Messengers Download (0)
Scene5.mp3 9,412k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: "There came a messenger."

(h:mm:ss) 0:06:51
6) Scene 6: Dance of Job's Comforters - Download (0)
Scene6.mp3 13,171k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: - Job's Curse - A Vision of Satan.
"Behold, how happy is the one whom God punishes."

(h:mm:ss) 0:06:16
7) Scene 7: Elihu's Dance of Youth and Beauty - Download (0)
Scene7.mp3 12,050k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: - Pavane of the Sons & Daughters of the Morning.
"I am Young, and ye are very Old."

(h:mm:ss) 0:08:14
8) Scenes 8 & 9 Download (0)
Scene89.mp3 15,826k
256kbps Stereo
Comments: Scene 8: Galliard of the Sons & Daughters of the Morning; Altar Dance and Heavenly Pavane.
"All the Sons & Daughters of God shouted for joy."
Scene 9: Epilogue.
"And the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than the beginning."

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