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9/11 Inside The President's Bunker Part 2 of 2

Dr. Rice at his side VP Cheney directly behind him what happened in the bunker...for real


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Program Title: 9/11 Inside The President's Bunker Part 2 of 2
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"I'm inside the bunker (deep below the surface in the president's nuclear proof bunker beneath the White House). answering phones, its 9:52 I pick up the phone I heard on the other end: "this is the White House situation room, (upstairs in the White House), we have another hi-jacked plane 15 miles south of Pittsburgh, inbound Washington D.C...."

Sept. 11, 2001. Like Pearl harbour and the Kennedy assassination before it, if you were alive that day you remember where you were. Our guest today remembers where he was as well. He was at the centre of the US command control in a sealed bunker below the White House. Beside him sat Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice and directly behind him stood Vice President Dick Cheney.

Lt. Col. Darling takes us step by step, blow by blow throughout all the shattering events that unfolded that day. The sheer volume of information flooding the bunker; how they discerned what was a real threat and had to be dealt with immediately; the real world order to scramble two F-15s to down Flight 93 heading on a collision course with the White House and the leaders of the free world.

This is a story that none of us have had access to before. This is real history by a man in a command seat on the most horrible day in recent history. This is living history; it doesn't get any more real than this.

Host(s): Brent Holland
Featured Speakers/Guests: Guest: Lt. Col. Robert Darling USMC(ret

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