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ANNCast-Chase Tale

Interview with Chase Wang


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Uploaded: 19 Dec, 2010

Recording Date: 3 Dec, 2010
Recording Location: Orange County, CA, USA
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Language: English
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Program Title: ANNCast-Chase Tale
Description: In the first segment we talk a little bit about our upcoming holiday special shows (a'la what we did last year) and then Justin digs in to the latest and most frustrating frontier, the world of streaming television right to your TV. With over a half dozen competing services, each with their own technical rules and proprietary content, is it better to just stick with cable? Who knows?!

Then Chase Wang from Bam Marketing shows up to chat about his days managing Anime Expo and this new competing event he's part of called "AM2" (which is supposed to be pronounced "AM Squared"). It's an anime convention in Anaheim on the same weekend as Anime Expo, and I was really curious just what the heck is going on here, so we get in to that a whole bunch. Woo!

Host(s): Zac Bertschy
Featured Speakers/Guests: Chase Wang

Credits: Produced by Anime News Network

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