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Amazing Airmen

teenagers and 20 year olds just like you do the impossible


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Recording Date: 12 Jan, 2011
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Program Title: Amazing Airmen
Description: And what would go better with the show above than a show on the folks who slayed the beast. Ever been a vicitim of raod rage? Notice how much you shake and its hard to think? Thats what our brave Canadians faced day in day out, and n'er faltered. Enjoy your coffee today and the leisurely freedom we take for granted. But never forget that freedom was bought and paid for in blood. Canadian blood. They are our best.

Canadian and British airmen engaged in fierce and deadly battles in the skies over Europe during the Second World War. Those who survived often had to overcome incredible obstacles to do so -- dodging bullets and German troops, escaping from burning planes and enduring forced marches if they became prisoners. Amazing Airmen tells some of these stories -- tales that are so amazing they sound like fiction.

In one story, a tail gunner from Montreal survived despite being unconscious when blown out of his bomber. Another story describes how the crew of a navigator from Ottawa used chewing gum to fill holes in their aircraft. And another tells how a pilot from Northern Ontario parachuted out of his plane and became the target of a German machine-gunner, but within hours 120 Germans surrendered to him.

These painstakingly researched stories will enable you to feel what now-aging veterans endured when they were young men in the air war against Nazi Germany.

Host(s): Brent Holland
Featured Speakers/Guests: Ian Darling Amazing Airmen

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