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Capt. Nichola Goddard 1st combat qualified female Canadian soldier to die in combat

Capt. Nichola Goddard 1st combat qualified female Canadian soldier to die in combat


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Program Title: Capt. Nichola Goddard 1st combat qualified female Canadian soldier to die in combat
Description: This afternoon the book: "Sunray, the death and life of Captain Nichola Godard" written by award winning journalist Valerie Fortney. This afternoon we will be looking at this young woman why she went to Afghanistan to fight. "Sunray tells the story of a remarkable 21st-century soldier. It is an intriguing, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring look at the decision to serve, and at the costs."

Many folks firmly believe we shouldn't be in Afghanistan, but when does a country stand together and stand up and say: No, what's happening to people in Afghanistan is no longer tolerable. Are Afghani women any less human beings than Canadian women? Do we simply turn a blind eye and allow little girls to be murdered and have acid thrown in their faces all for daring to have the audacity to desire an education? And despite the rants of some who cry colonialism, we certainly aren't there for its resources. It's certainly not oil. Canada has the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world. Is there anything else we derive from Afghanistan? Well...we know Afghanistan produces 90% of the globe's opium; the poppy; heroin. Certainly that is not our priority to balance trade deficits. So why are we there?

Perhaps this afternoon we will gain a measure of insight as to why captain Nichola Godard chose to leave the comfort of Canada to put herself in harm's way in Afghanistan. Tragically Nichola became the first combat qualified female Canadian soldier to die in combat. Captain Nichola Godard was a woman of idealism. She was a leader. Above all she was a human being who wanted something better for her fellow human beings inhabiting this small planet.

Host(s): Brent Holland
Featured Speakers/Guests: award winning journalist Valerie Fortney.

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