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Interview with Miyere Ole Miyandazi

Masai tribesman explains why he is walking to Cairo without a passport

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Uploaded: 15 Feb, 2011

Recording Date: 12 Feb, 2011
Recording Location: Halifax, Canada and somewhere near Cape Town, South Africa
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Program Title: Interview with Miyere Ole Miyandazi
Description: Miyere Ole Miyandazi is a Masai from Kenya. In 2004 he walked from Kenya to Cape Town to protest the fencing off of traditional nomadic grazing lands. Now he is at it again, walking from Cape Town to Cairo and his goal is even more ambitious - to thumb his nose at borders and boundaries everywhere. As he walks along a beach of the Western Cape he explains what moves him to risk his life on the open road, and how he gets across borders without a passport.

Host(s): Interviewer: Conrad Fox of New Roots Radio
Featured Speakers/Guests: Miyere Ole Miyandazi

Credits: New Roots Radio

Comments: This interview was made with Skype and a cell phone. We view it as an experiment in location recording from a distance. The audio quality is pretty bad but it is intelligible. This is the first part in a two part series. We will post the second part next week. A complete transcript of the interview will be available on the New Roots Radio website.

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