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Mapuche communities deserve liberation of their land and people

On the struggles against the termination of the Mapuche culture and people at home and abroad.


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Recording Date: 11 Dec, 2011
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Program Title: Mapuche communities deserve liberation of their land and people
Description: The work of the Toronto-based Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu towards justice and sovereignty for their land and people, and against both the ongoing increasing incarceration of indigenous Mapuche people by the Chilean State, and the termination of their culture and people. The youth being criminalized - like Matias Matrileo Quezada, Alex Lemún Saavedra, and Jaime Mendoza Collío, who were silenced permanently by the murderous repression and racist authority of the Chilean State. How Canada is not an innocent bystander in all this. Ending with boycotting Chilean fruit and wine, and fighting off logging and uranium mining as solidarity.

Host(s): MaryCarl Guiao
Featured Speakers/Guests: Jaroslava, organizer with the WCCFW


Comments: About the WCCFW -
The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu (formally known as Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada) is a Mapuche grassroots organization based in Toronto, Turtle Island (Turtle Island is what is known to the western world as the colonial state of Canada). The Mapuche people's home is situated in what is now occupied by the Argentine and Chilean states. The Mapuche people are the largest ethnic group living under the state of Chile, making up about 1,000,000 people of the population there (as indicated in the Chilean population census of 1992, carried out by the National Institute of Statistics). The Mapuche population in Argentina has grown to around 250,000. "Che" means "people" and "Mapu" means "of the land" in Mapudungun. The WCCFW works "to build their communities and solidarity across different struggles" of "other indigenous, anti-capitalist/anti-colonial, community based struggles across Turtle Island, by creating awareness through events, protests, publications, etc.," in the hope of seeing their Mapuche Territory in liberation.

Head to their site and learn more -

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