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(Anthony Enman)

!Earshot 20 Promo

Promos to run for the !earshot 20 program


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Uploaded: 26 May, 2012

Recording Date: 26 May, 2012
Recording Location: Lcaol 107.3fm CFMH
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: !Earshot 20 Promo
Description: We want to thank all stations and groups who are airing our program! We are uploading two (2) promos in case you'd like one to air for the !Earshot 20.

One promo is a short and the other one is extended.

The short is a generic promo that just promotes the show with a very general 'weekly' reference.

The extended promo has room from 20s to 24s for you to add a voice drop like: That's every week here on (station name) or That's every (insert day) at (insert time) on (staiton name).

Thanks again and chat soon!

Anthony & Brian

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Type: PSA

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