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Endeavours - Povery, Pollution and the Physics of Time

Van Jones, Lee Smolin. Music: LIGHTS.


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Uploaded: 9 May, 2013

Recording Date: 6 May, 2013
Recording Location: Vancouver
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Language: English
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Program Title: Endeavours - Povery, Pollution and the Physics of Time
Description: Van Jones is an attorney, environmental advocate, civil rights activist, and former Obama advisor on Green Jobs. He is co-founder of Rebuild The Dream and explains how poverty is linked to pollution and other climate issues.

Lee Smolin is a quantam theorist and other of the new book "Time Reborn" in which he argues that time is real and not an illusion - as so many in science claim. The origin of universe depends on the argument that time is real. Smolin explains his thesis.

LIGHTS is a Canadian synthpop artist and singer-songwriter currently based in Toronto. Her latest record is "Siberia Acoustic", which features stripped away versions of many of her tracks off of her "Siberia" album. It was released April 30th

Host(s): Dan McPeake
Featured Speakers/Guests: Van Jones Lee Smolin LIGHTS

Credits: written & produced by Dan McPeake


Environment > Climate Change
Arts and Culture > Books and Literature
Science and Technology > Philosophy of Science
Type: Interview

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