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Forgotten Voices

Part of Resonating Reconciliation

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Uploaded: 27 Jun, 2013

Recording Date: 26 Jun, 2013
Recording Location: Ckut radio Montreal
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Language: English
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Program Title: Forgotten Voices
Description: Using a music bed I added quotes from survivors of the residential schools that I recorded at the Montreal TRC event a couple of months ago.

Host(s): Irkar Beljaars
Featured Speakers/Guests:

Credits: I would like to thank the survivors for their stories for without them this doc would not have been possible. I would also like to thank Ckut and the NCRA for the opportunity to make this doc.

Comments: This was by far one the hardest projects I have ever been a part of. I hope that who ever listens to this will understand the courage of these people and what it took for them to finally speak out.

Arts and Culture
Type: Documentary

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