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Endeavours - Inter-Galactic Cosplay

Astronomer Dr. Ray Jayawardhana, cosplayer Molly McIsaac. Music: Good For Grapes


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Uploaded: 18 Dec, 2013

Recording Date: 16 Dec, 2013
Recording Location: Vancouver
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Language: English
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Program Title: Endeavours - Inter-Galactic Cosplay
Description: Dr. Ray Jayawardhana is an astronomer at the University of Toronto, where he holds a Canada Research Chair in observational astrophysics. In this regard, his primary areas of study are the formation and early evolution of stars, brown dwarfs and planets (specifically, the origin and diversity of planetary system). A graduate of Harvard, he is also an Award-Winning science writer. His latest book is "Neutrino Hunters: The Thrilling Chase For A Ghostly Particle To Unlock The Secrets of the Universe". The story takes great thinkers from history - including Pierre and Marie Curie - and weaves them into a detective mystery and a search for the world's last great theoretical particle.

Molly McIsaac is a cosplayer, comedian, actress, writer, host, blogger and all-around geek. She is also the "tall redhead" on Syfy's new reality show Fangasm. In addition, Molly is also a feminist, magical girl, unicorn and anti-bullying advocate. Unafraid to tackle serious issues, McIsaac, who has long suffered from boy dysmorphia, talks about how Cosplay saved her life. She also touches on her geek credentials which include being a hardcore whovian and anime fan.

Good For Grapes are an indie-folk-acoustic band from Surrey, British Columbia. Winners of both Rogers urMusic Battle of The Bands, and Supernova's "Band on the run to The UK", and finalists in the 2013 Peak Performance Project, they have opened for acts such as Paper Lions, Mother Mother, and The Matinee. They also competed on the first season of Canada's Got Talent, but had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts. Their debut full-length album "Man on a Page" is now out digitally and available on iTunes.

Host(s): Dan McPeake
Featured Speakers/Guests: Ray Jayawardhana Molly McIsaac Good For Grapes - Daniel McBurnie, Graham Gomez

Credits: written & produced by Dan McPeake


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Type: Interview

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