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People's Social Forum - The First Day

Featuring guest speakers Naomi Klein and Linda McQuaig


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Breanne Doyle

Length: 1:52:49
Uploaded: 8 Sep, 2014

Recording Date: 21 Aug, 2014
Recording Location: University of Ottawa
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Language: English
Topical for: 2 Months
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Program Title: People's Social Forum - The First Day
Description: Highlights of Day 1, with rabble podcast network executive producer Victoria Fenner

Host(s): Victoria Fenner
Featured Speakers/Guests: 1:25 - Welcome by Anna Collins, Indigenous Coordinator of the People's Social Forum. 3:48 - Naomi Klein, activist and author 13:06 - The gathering moves to Parliament Hill 14:24 - Celebrating independent media and activism with rabble -- Meg Borthwick of introduces author, activist and journalist Linda McQuaig

Credits: Produced by Victoria Fenner


Environment > Climate Change
Politics > Activism
Society and Culture
Type: Actuality

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Comments: 1:42 - Aaron Doncaster is an activist from Alberta. He compares what it is like to be an activist in Alberta and in Nova Scotia, his home province.
8:05 Paul Maillet - Ottawa chapter of an organization which is lobbying the federal government to create a Department of Peace. What would happen if we had a Minister of Peace at the cabinet table when deliberating whether or not to go to war?
13:42 - Media and movements -- an excerpt from a panel discussion sponsored by rabble about independent media in Canada today.
27:09 - Rights of Mother Earth -- ending the program with a quote by Margaret Atwood, read by Mike Desautels of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

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Comments: 1:28 Ellen Gabriel -- Human Rights Advocate for collective and individual rights of indigenous people
16:43 Word on the Street -- Lois Ross, roving reporter, talks to delegates
23:16 -- Sounds from the Powwow on Sparks Street Mall, featuring music by Spirit Flower.

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Comments: Highlights from the Final Assembly

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