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(Michael Welch)

Inventing Reality in the Great White North

Conversations with John Schertow and Yves Engler on Media in Canada

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Uploaded: 7 Oct, 2016

Recording Date: 7 Oct, 2016
Recording Location: CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Program Title: Inventing Reality in the Great White North
Description: Discerning consumers of the news media are attentive to the fact that the mainstream press presents a distorted picture of reality in the service of major corporate and government interests. While Canadians may be familiar with the idea of U.S. media “manufacturing consent” they may not be quite so familiar with the sophistication of the propaganda apparatus within their own country.
This week’s episode of the Global Research News Hour focuses on some of the ways Canadian media, including the revered national broadcaster the CBC, have proven to be effective instruments of State and corporate control as opposed to serving the public interest.
We first hear from John Schertow, editor and founder of Intercontinental Cry about the subversion of important Indigenous stories in Canadian media. Special guest interviewer Kimlee Wong conducts this interview.
We then hear from Yves Engler, prominent Montreal-based writer and Canadian foreign policy critic. Engler recently authored a new book detailing the ways Canadian media has been co-opted to serve elite power interests. He expands on his analysis in the second half hour.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: Kimlee Wong, John Schertow, Yves Engler

Credits: Interviews by Michael Welch and Kimlee Wong


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