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Unexpected Journeys

The path to happiness is rarely a straight line


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Program Title: Unexpected Journeys
Description: Fascinated by career journeys that, like Lesley's own, haven’t followed a straight line, this documentary explores the circuitous and unexpected career journey of Dr. Jennifer Gardy. Not quite mimicking her childhood dream of being a doctor in the morning, a dentist in the afternoon, and a ballerina at night, Dr. Gardy has nevertheless carved out a science+performer career as both full-time public health microbiologist and part-time television host.

Lesley Evans Ogden is a Vancouver-based freelance science journalist and alumna of Simon Fraser University where she completed a PhD in wildlife ecology. Writing for a variety of science magazines and websites including BBC Earth, Scientific American and New Scientist, she is also involved in two science television documentaries currently in production for CBC and as a lifelong radio listener, is intrigued by the allure of audio storytelling

Host(s): Lesley Evans Ogden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Credits: Produced by Lesley Evans Ogden

Comments: Completed as part of CJSF's Making Time for Radio Grant with funding from the Community Radio Fund of Canada

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Society and Culture > Women
Type: Documentary

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