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Radiological Threat to the West Coast: Is the Truth about the Hanford Collapse Being Concealed?

Questioning what we're being told about the May 9th Hanford Tunnel Collapse

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Program Title: Radiological Threat to the West Coast: Is the Truth about the Hanford Collapse Being Concealed?
Description: This week’s Global Research News Hour digs into the Hanford Nuclear site in Washington State,where a tunnel collapse on Tuesday May 9th exposed to the atmosphere some of the most dangerous and toxic radiological material on Earth!
Officials claim the damage has been re-mediated and have ended site-wide emergency they declared that day. They claim no workers were injured due to the collapse and that there was no radiological release as a result. But can we believe them?

We speak to Tom Carpenter, Executive Director of the Seattle Washington based advocacy and watch-dog group Hanford Challenge. He explains some of the history of this site which has produced the majority of the plutonium for nuclear weapons during the Cold War era. He details what he has been told by workers since the incident. He also outlines the risks posed to the public interest by compromised oversight bodies.

We speak to self-identified Earth activist Mimi German, founder of and active with the anti-nuclear advocacy group No Nukes Northwest. She believes the accident may have been worse than officials will acknowledge and highlights radiation readings and other contradictory indicators leading her to believe that there is a cover-up of what really happened.

Susannah Frame is the award-winning investigative reporter who broke the Hanford tunnel collapse the morning it happened. She brings updates (as of May 11 at 3pm PDT) as to the status of the site, why the accident happened and what is and should be done to protect the public and the environment.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: Mimi German, Susannah Frame, Tom Carpenter

Credits: interviews by Michael Welch


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