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(Scott Snailham)

Cheeze Pleeze # 677

We start the summer season with probably the fastest paced head spinning show we've ever done

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Uploaded: 14 Jun, 2017

Recording Date: 11 Jun, 2017
Recording Location: In a Van
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Program Title: Cheeze Pleeze # 677
Description: So many edits you'll wonder where your head is to catch up. It's a tribute to the king of the "Break In Record" Dickie Goodman! And, yes, Snarf and Daffy do a bit of "breakin-ing" of their own. Be Afraid, VERY Afraid!

Host(s): Snartfdude & Daffodil
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Comments: Song List
Dickie Goodman Special

Flying Saucer Pt 1 and 2-Dickie Goodman
Frankenstein of 59-Dickie Goodman

Batman and His Grandmother-Dickie Goodman
Luna Trip-Dickie Goodman

Energy Crisis-Dickie Goodman
Mr Jaws-Dickie Goodman

Return of The Jedi Returns-Dickie Goodman
Safe Sex Report-Dickie Goodman

Total Time: 29:23
Talk Time: 08:48

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Type: Weekly Program

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