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Our uteruses, our rules

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In a medical context, mentions "penis in vagina ejaculatory sex." Contact WINGS if you need a bleeped version.


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Recording Date: 2 Oct, 2017
Recording Location: Vancouver and Denman Island BC
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WINGS #24-17 Reproductive Sovereignty by Meghan Murphy, Feminist Current, and WINGS: Women's International News Gatherings Service is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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Description: US-based nurse practitioner and midwife Mary Lou Singleton discusses how women can gain power over their reproductive health and decision-making despite living in late-stage patriarchy. She says liberals and conservatives both have their own slant on controlling women's bodies and limiting their choices

Host(s): Meghan Murphy
Featured Speakers/Guests: Mary Lou Singleton came out of the womb angry about male supremacy. She lives in Albuquerque where she practiced as a home birth midwife for 15 years and now works as a nurse practitioner offering affordable, holistic care to families looking to escape the corporate medical industry. She has studied herbalism for over 25 years and enjoys making herbal remedies for her clinic and teaching community herbalism classes. Mary Lou has served on the boards of directors of the Midwives Alliance of North America, the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives, and the Stop Patriarchy Abortion Rights Freedom Ride. She is currently a board member and the reproductive sovereignty chair of the Women’s Liberation Front.

Credits: Interview excerpted from the podcast episode titled "Toward reproductive sovereignty, not reproductive rights," produced by Meghan Murphy for Edited for WINGS by Robin Eriksson. Series Producer Frieda Werden.

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