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(The Community Living Show)

The Community Living Show

Interview with Emily Gillespie

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Recording Date: 24 Apr, 2018
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Program Title: The Community Living Show
Description: Emily Gillespie & I’m the founder of Accessibility, Advocacy & Art. I’m a person with multiple disabilities, including mental illness, a learning disability and chronic pain. I have experienced structural and attitudinal barriers my entire life. I am committed to working from a disability justice, anti-oppression and intersectional framework.
I have a Master’s Degree in Critical Disability Studies and have been working in the accessibility field for over 6 years. I have experience working with non-profits at the local, national and international level as a research assistant and project manager. I have worked at 3 post-secondary schools, focusing on access for students with disabilities. I am a published author, and enjoy using fiction as another tool to invite conversations about social justice and disability.

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