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Earshot20 Jul 9


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Length: 1:41:10
Uploaded: 10 Jul, 2018

Recording Date: 9 Jul, 2018
Recording Location: Abbotsford
Logsheet: none
Language: English
Topical for: 1 Week
Status: Complete, Ready to Air
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Program Title: Earshot20
Description: Can Con 75%
Fem Con 60%

Jeremy Dutcher - Essuwonike
Ragers ft Mike Shabb and Flawless Gretzky - Skyfall
Potatohead People - Late Show Theme
Wax Mannequin - Basketball
Tampa - Hot Minute
Coeur De Pirate - Carte Blanche
Beach House - Drunk In LA
Kadhja Bonet - Childqueen
Baby Cages - All U Want
La Luz - California Finally

Drake ft. Michael Jackson - Don't Matter to Me

Frog Eyes - Pay For Fire
Jennifer Castle - Tonight the Evening
Sudan Archives - Nont For Sale
Dusted - Dead Eyes
Jo Passed - MDM
Jo Passed - Left
Dumb - Artifact
Michael Rault - When The Sun Shines
Peach Kelli Pop - King Size
Courtney Barnett - City Looks Pretty
Bernice - Gemini

Host(s): Aaron Levy
Featured Speakers/Guests: Aaron Levy of CIVL 101.7 FM, Callum Slingerland of Exclaim!

Credits: Produced on Traditional Unceded Territory of the Sto:lo people.


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Arts and Culture > Music > Folk & Roots
Arts and Culture > Music > Indie Rock
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Arts and Culture > Music > Electronic
Type: Weekly Program

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