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S3E1 - When work keeps families apart

Long distance commuting is a fact of life in rural Canada, but families pay the price.


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I am a knowledge mobilization manager at the Leslie Haris Centre of Regional Policy and Development at Memorial University of...

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Program Title: S3E1 - When work keeps families apart
Description: For many Canadians, especially in rural areas, long distance commuting for work, often in natural resources extraction industries, is a fact of life. The income those workers bring back to their hometowns often keeps those communities going, but there is a price to pay.The families of the long distance workers often pay that price. That’s what we are looking into in the first episode of Season 3 of Rural Routes.

Host(s): Bojan Fürst, Rebecca Cohoe
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Credits: Bojan Fürst and Rebecca Cohoe / Harris Centre


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