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DR JULIA BAUM - Corals and Climate Change: Glimmers of Hope from an Ecological Crisis

DR JULIA BAUM - Corals and Climate Change


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Recording Date: 13 Nov, 2018
Recording Location: Hermann's Jazz Club, Victoria BC
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Program Title: DR JULIA BAUM - Corals and Climate Change: Glimmers of Hope from an Ecological Crisis
Description: A UVic Café Scientifique series talk given at Hermann's Jazz Club, Victoria BC, on Tuesday evening, November 13th, 2018 by Dr. Julia Baum, Associate Professor of Biology, UVic, and leader of the Baum Lab. The talk is entitled: Corals and Climate Change - Glimmers of Hope from an Ecological Crisis

Host(s): Dr. Jon Willis, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UVic
Featured Speakers/Guests: Unlocking the keys to coral reef resilience under climate change to foster effective conservation action... Julia Baum, Ph.D., is a marine ecologist and conservation biologist who makes scientific discoveries with the intention of driving conservation action. She has worked on shark overfishing, global fisheries assessments, and the impacts of climate change on coral reef ecosystems. Coral reefs are among the planet’s most extraordinary and imperiled ecosystems. Faced with multiple threats—such as overfishing, pollution, destructive fishing methods, and warming waters—these complex systems require effective management to ensure that they can endure and thrive. Increasing evidence suggests that certain types of symbiotic algae that reside in coral tissues, known as zooxanthellae, exhibit different tolerances to heat stress and affect the corals’ ability to resist the impacts of warming waters. Dr. Baum investigated which factors allow some corals to survive extreme heat stress and how reefs recover from mass coral mortality events. Her work focuses on the central equatorial Pacific atoll of Kiritimati, which experienced one of the largest heat stresses on record during the 2015–16 El Niño event. She used genetic sampling to look for common traits in the zooxanthellae communities of coral colonies that survived the event to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying coral reef resilience to warming ocean temperatures.

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