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Never Again? Can We Stop the War When Big Business Profits from it?

Jacques Pauwels on US support for Nazis during WW2, Ajamu Baraka on US antiwar movement history

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Program Title: Never Again? Can We Stop the War When Big Business Profits from it?
Description: On the occasion of Remembrance Day week, and 75 years since the pivotal landings of the Allies on the beaches of Normandy, the Global Research News Hour corrects the record when it comes to the heroism of Americas involvement in that war, and other challenges to the antiwar movement in the modern era.
In the first half hour, Belgian-born Canadian historian outlines how and why U.S. industrial interests supported the Nazis right up until the Pearl Harbor attacks, and the real reason the U.S. would eventually join the fight against the Germans. IN our second half hour, the distinguished award-winning speaker, activist, politician and activist Ajamu Baraka speaks about the evolution of the anti war movement from Vietnam to the present and of the need for the movement to root itself in an anti-imperialist and anti-colonial focus. This interview takes place in advance of lectures he is presenting in five Canadian cities.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: Ajamu Baraka, Jacques Pauwels

Credits: interviews by Michael Welch
music by Eric Bogle - No Man's Land (1976)


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