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(Michael Welch)

White Helmets, James Lemesurier, & the Humanitarian Regime Change Network

Conversations with Cory Morningstar and Vanessa Beeley

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Uploaded: 14 Dec, 2019

Recording Date: 13 Dec, 2019
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Program Title: White Helmets, James Lemesurier, & the Humanitarian Regime Change Network
Description: This week on the Global Research News Hour we break apart the narratives driving the U.S./ NATO regime change operation in Syria, and how and why these nrratives seem to persist. The discussion principally centres around the Syrian White Helmets as a propganda construct, the financial and non-profit networks which sustains them, and the background of media smears against dissident journalists. This conversation features an in depth conversation with independent journalists Cory Morningstar and Vanessa Beeley.

Host(s): Michael Welch
Featured Speakers/Guests: cory Morningstar, Vanessa Beeley

Credits: interviews by Michael Welch


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