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NewFound Records - Ep. 551

Vinyl records by Newfoundland & Labrador's pioneer recording artists.


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Length: 0:55:00
Uploaded: 27 Jan, 2020

Recording Date: 27 Jan, 2020
Recording Location: CHMR-FM, St. John's, NL
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Language: English
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Program Title: NewFound Records - Ep. 551
Description: January 25th is the date when the Scottish and Scot wanna-be’s celebrate the birth of The Greatest Scot, the Scots’ national bard, the ploughman poet, Robbie Burns. To mark the occasion, New Found Records searched our extensive Newfoundland-vinyl library for anything Scottish. We looked for songs about Scotland that were sung by Scots, or Irish, or English or anyone else. And we looked for songs that were sung by Scots with some kind of Newfoundland connection.

Tune in for this episode and see what we found as we romp though Scottishness in the vinyl recordings of Newfoundland.

(Encore. Originally aired Jaunary 25, 2011)

Host(s): Wayne Tucker
Featured Speakers/Guests:

Credits: 1. RAY WALSH: Northern Lights of Aberdeen
2. THE CORMIERS: MacArthur's Island
3. SONS OF ERIN: Flower of Scotland
4. RYAN’S FANCY: Dark Island
5. SONS OF ERIN: Campbeltown Loch
6. DICK NOLAN: Johnny Walker
7. DICK NOLAN: The Old Polina
8. RYAN’S FANCY: Farewell To Tarwathie
9. JOHN WHITE: Bonnie Wee Jenny McCall
10. DICK NOLAN: Come Away Bonnie Lad
11. LITTLE JOHN CAMERON: Mary From Dunloe
12. FATHER BRENDAN FOLEY: Come By the Hills
13. RAY WALSH: Medley-Bonnie Dundee/Hundred Pipers


Regional > Canada > Newfoundland and Labrador
Arts and Culture > Music > Folk & Roots
Type: Weekly Program

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Host: Wayne Tucker NFR 551 (2020 01 25 - Robbie Burns) Download (3)
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Comments: (Encore of NFR 085)

Break 1: Starts 14:32 Ends: 15:00, Length 00:28. Break 2: Starts 33:12 Ends: 34:43, Length 01:31

Air Date: Jan 25, 2020. CHMR 93.5 FM, Memorial University, St. John's, NL (edited for 2020)

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