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EarthMatters - 61

African Activists Being Heard


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Recording Date: 23 Feb, 2020
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Program Title: EarthMatters - 61
Description: Often we cannot foresee what small event will trigger a big reaction.  Something as seemingly insignificant as a Swedish 15 year old, skipping school to protest climate change.  Or a young, black, African activist being cut out of a picture featuring four white activists at an international conference on climate change.

EarthMatters looks further into the frustration of African activists to have their messages heard, to break through a distracted media, to educate their fellow citizens to be aware of the impending crisis that lies ahead.  Activists like Vanessa, Hilda Nakabuye, and Leah Namugerwa, received training from a grassroots organization called Green Campaign Africa in how to educate and advocate on climate change.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that this interview was conducted via telephone between North America and Uganda, the quality of this recording is less than desirable.  To help listeners understand Timothy’s words, we’ve prepared a written transcript available at

Host(s): Lawson Hunter
Featured Speakers/Guests: Timothy Mugerwa, Founder of Green Campaign Africa, that trains young activists in advocacy.

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