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Michael Lerner – Faith, Politics & the Left, part two

Michael Lerner – Faith, Politics & the Left, part two

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Program Title: Michael Lerner – Faith, Politics & the Left, part two
Description: These are times of deceit, rage and fear. Well, you might say, it’s always been like that. But it seems the intensity of this moment is more acute. The coarseness of discourse is sharper. The rancor is deeper. Maybe the pervasiveness of social media accounts for some of it. How can we navigate the treacherous currents that are running through our politics and by extension into our personal lives? What is the intersection of faith, politics and the left? Is it possible to reach out to those who espouse views that are diametrically opposed to ours? How to do that? Rabbi Michael Lerner says many on the left are too quick to dismiss people who are religious. To reach people you disagree with you can’t be condescending and arrogant.

Featured Speakers/Guests: Rabbi Michael Lerner is the editor of Tikkun magazine. He is a leading voice for peace, justice and spiritual renewal. He has PhDs in philosophy and social and clinical psychology. He was chosen for the Humanitarian Award by the International Association of Sufism. He is the recipient of Morehouse College's King-Gandhi Award for his work for peace and nonviolence. He is the author of Jewish Renewal, The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right and Revolutionary Love.



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