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(Frieda Werden)

WINGS #47-19 The Rapist In Your Path - WEEK OF MARCH 8

From the uprising in Chile, a chant heard round the world


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Uploaded: 24 Feb, 2020

Recording Date: 24 Feb, 2020
Recording Location: Amsterdam; Santiago; Durham NC USA
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Language: English
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Program Title: WINGS #47-19 The Rapist In Your Path - WEEK OF MARCH 8
Description: "The patriarchy is a judge, that judges us for being born, and our punishment, is the violence you don't see.  ... the cops, the judges, the state, the President - the rapist is you." Words from a translation of a chant that is performed in public by masses of women in synchronization, in Santiago, Chile and hundreds of other cities around the world. It was created by a small group of women known as Las Tesis. A frequent participant explains the performance of "El Violador en Tu Camino" and the unremitting violence that brought it about. Excerpts from performances in Chile, the US, Kashmir, Turkey, Greece, and Kenya.

Host(s): Mindy Ran, Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Dignity Wonderwoman is the pseudonym of a young lesbian worker and activist in Chile.

Credits: Produced by Mindy Ran; Series Producer, Frieda Werden

Comments: Good choice for International Women's Day

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Comments: Produced by Mindy Ran; Series Producer, Frieda Werden; guest, Dignity Wonder Woman

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