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Take some pictures to tell me a story! It can be a story of your morning, a story you make up.


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Recording Date: 23 Mar, 2020
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Description: Of course, this is a joke, I don’t really mean you should steal your parents phone, but it was a fun thing to write. And some of you are adults, with your own phone. I’m sure some of you are also kids with your own cameras! And some kids have phones! Anyway! I enjoyed writing the title. I enjoyed being bratty.

I’m finding that these days it’s important to be a bit bad. We have to do our best to stay sassy.

Take some pictures to tell me a story! It can be a story of your morning, a story you make up. A story with words, or a story without words.

Here are some suggestions to get you going:

1. If you were in a music video, and it was about your life, convey the mood of that music video through 10 photos.

2. Re-enact Toy Story 1, 2, 3 or 4, using your own toys. Take at least 20 photos.

3. 15 photos of different weird faces you can make.

4. Introduce me to ALL of your stuffies with a portrait of each.

5. Take a photo of each thing you eat today.

6. Finally, a documentary crew has come to your house to make a full length feature film about your life. What should we make sure they get in it?

7. Photograph a sports exercise routine.

8. Give me a photo tour of your backyard.

9. Your hands can make so many cool shapes. Photograph your hands doing expressive moves.

10. Go abstract and photograph 20 items in your home extremely close up.

These are just a handful of ideas! You are brilliant and I know you probably have your own ideas! Those are great too! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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