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(Adam Cantor)

024 - Fables for your Microscope for April 24th, 2020

rant rant rant more days at home to rant!

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Adam Cantor

I've been having some unusual dreams lately. Probably because some of my furniture is haunted.

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Uploaded: 26 Apr, 2020

Recording Date: 24 Apr, 2020
Recording Location: Home, but for CFRO 100.5 Vancouver
Logsheet: logsheet_234332.doc
Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Copyright: Adam Cantor

Program Title: 024 - Fables for your Microscope for April 24th, 2020
Description: But actually I do play a nice EP from Timing X, and also sleepy time shoy is on pointe, about his love for the geese of swan lake.

Host(s): Adam Cantor
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Credits: Adam Cantor
Shoie Boie


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