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(Richard Sevigny)

Sam Kirmayer trio ft Ben Paterson

MOntreal Guitarist on Tour in support of new album "High and Low"


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Richard Sevigny

Richard is a volunteer radio producer for the Voice of the Shuswap community radio station in Salmon Arm. He has...

Length: 0:55:55
Uploaded: 29 Apr, 2020

Recording Date: 26 Sep, 2019
Recording Location: recorded 26 sep 2019 at the Nexus at First, Salmon Arm
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: As Broadcast

Program Title: Sam Kirmayer trio ft Ben Paterson
Description: This week we feature the fretwork of Montreal's Sam Kirmayer, who was included in CBC Music's list of "The 35 Best Canadian Jazz Musicians Under 35”.

Host(s): Richard Sevigny
Featured Speakers/Guests: Interview with Sam Kirmayer personnel: Sam Kirmayer - guitar, Ben Paterson - organ, Dave Laing - drums

Credits: Track Listing

01 High and Low (Sam Kirmayer) 8;49
02 What Could Have been (Sam Kirmayer) 7;12
03 Ill Wind (Harold Arlen & T. Koehler) 7;31
04 Recurrence (Sam Kirmayer) 7;30
05 How Am I To Know (Dorothy Parker & Jack King) 7;26
06 Almost Dawn (Coleman Hawkins) 6;53
07 Farnsworth (André White) 3;17

Comments: Originally broadcast on CKVS Voice of the Shuswap 93.7 FM Community Radio

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