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(Richard Sevigny)

Coltrane Plays the Blues

A Revue of a transitional Coltrane album arranged by Craig Thomson


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Richard Sevigny

Richard is a volunteer radio producer for the Voice of the Shuswap community radio station in Salmon Arm. He has...

Length: 0:55:53
Uploaded: 29 Apr, 2020

Recording Date: 29 Nov, 2019
Recording Location: rrecorded 28 Nov 2019 at Nexus at First Salmon Arm
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
Status: As Broadcast

Program Title: Coltrane Plays the Blues
Description: With the success of last year's Soul Station revue, Saxophonist Craig Thomson and friends have continued arranging seminal jazz albums by key musicians. This time around, Craig chose John Coltrane's "Coltrane Plays the Blues", an unusual outing for such a groundbreaking composer.

Host(s): Richard Sevigny
Featured Speakers/Guests: Interview with Craig Thomson Personnel: Craig Thomson - saxophones, Bernie Addington - bass, Tim Hirtz - piano, Mike Treadway - drums

Credits: Track Listing

01 Blues to Elvin (Elvin Jones) 12;22
02 Blues to Bechet (John Coltrane) 9;33
03 Blues to You (John Coltrane) 8;57
04 Mr Day (John Coltrane) 7;22
05 Mr Syms (John Coltrane) 1;50

Comments: Originally broadcast on CKVS Voice of the Shuswap 93.7 FM Community Radio

Arts and Culture
Type: Weekly Program

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