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(Richard Sevigny)

Aaron Hardie Quartet, Episode 1

Saxophonist showcases his compsing, arranging, and imporvising skills


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Richard Sevigny

Richard is a volunteer radio producer for the Voice of the Shuswap community radio station in Salmon Arm. He has...

Length: 0:55:58
Uploaded: 29 Apr, 2020

Recording Date: 12 Mar, 2020
Recording Location: recorded Mar 12 2020 at Nexus at First Salmon Arm
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Language: English
Topical for: Timeless
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Program Title: Aaron Hardie Quartet, Episode 1
Description: The truth is that most musicians have a day job. Those who are most passionate about learning will themselves make a career teaching others how to play an instrument.
Our guest tonight is one of those music educators who is also a composer , arranger, and passionate improviser. His name is Aaron Hardie and his weapon of choice is the saxophone...

Host(s): Richard Sevigny
Featured Speakers/Guests: Interview with Aaron Hardie. personnel: Aaron Hardie - tenor sax, Craig Scott - drums, Neville Bowman - piano, Bernie Addington - bass

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Episode 1

01 Lisa (Victor Feldman) 5;31
02 I Have the Conch (Aaron Hardie) 6;56
03 Anywhere (Aaron Hardie) 7;30
04 My Romance (Rogers & Hart) 8;31
05 Hard To Do (Aaron Hardie) 6;58
06 Take it Easy (Aaron Hardie) 5;56
07 Just this Morning (Aaron Hardie) 1;03

Comments: Originally broadcast on CKVS Voice of the Shuswap 93.7 FM Community Radio

Arts and Culture
Type: Weekly Program

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